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Advanced Data Visualization SD5813 Module
Advanced Science Communication & Public Engagement SD5805 Module
Advanced Spatial Data Science SD5821 Module
Building Sustainable, Inclusive and Just Cities SD4116 Module
Capitalism, Development, and the Environment SD5027 Module
Changing Natures SD2006 Module
Critical Dimensions of Environmental Management SD4131 Module
Current Environmental Issues SD5031 Module
Designing Sustainable Systems: Case Studies in Sustainable Development SD4003 Module
Developing a Sustainable Development Research Proposal SD3101 Module
Economics for the Environment SD5024 Module
Environmental Management SD5026 Module
Extractive Environments SD4118 Module
From Sustainable Development to Human Security SD2005 Module
Frontiers in Sustainability Research: Do Good Lives Cost the Earth? SD3221 Module
Global Health Disparities SD4226 Module
Governance for Sustainability SD4111 Module
Governance for Sustainability: Responding to Energy Insecurity and Climate Change SD3222 Module
Green Politics: Theory and Practice SD4225 Module
Health, Inequality and Development SD5030 Module
Home and Energy Geographies SD3111 Module
Individual Research Project SD5899 Module
Introduction to Environmental Economics SD3224 Module
Introduction to Spatial Data Science SD5820 Module
Knowledge and Sustainable Development SD5002 Module
Nature4Climate: Hybridized green blue infrastructures in the Global South SD4119 Module
Policy, People and Participation: Case Studies in Sustainable Development SD3001 Module
Policy, People and Participation: Case Studies in Sustainable Development SD3003 Module
Population Change and Sustainable Development: Patterns, Processes and Politics SD5029 Module
Quantitative Methods SD5812 Module
Review Essay in Sustainable Development I SD3002 Module
Review of Sustainable Development Issues SD5021 Module
Science Communication & Public Engagement SD5802 Module
Statistical Foundations SD5811 Module
Sustainable Development Field Course SD3102 Module
Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities SD1004 Module
Sustainable Development: Frameworks for Implementation SD2001 Module
Sustainable Development: Tools for Action SD2002 Module
The Blue Economy and Maritime Security Intersections and Interdependence SD4117 Module
The Politics of Numbers SD5803 Module
Theoretical Foundations of Social & Environmental Justice SD5801 Module
Tools for Evaluating Impact SD5806 Module
Transitioning to Sustainability: Community, Nature and Governance SD4110 Module
Visuals for Policies & Publics: Creative Visual Arts for Sciences SD5807 Module
Welcome to Data: Rubbish In; Rubbish Out SD5810 Module
What is Sustainable Development? SD1000 Module

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