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Amerindian History and Ethnography SA5202 Module
Amerindian Language and Culture SA4821 Module
Amerindian Language and Literature SA5201 Module
An Anthropology of Global Social Issues SA3902 Module
An Introduction to Anthropology SA1901 Module
Anthropological Study of Language and Culture SA3031 Module
Anthropology and Development SA3046 Module
Anthropology and Eurasia SA4866 Module
Anthropology and History SA3055 Module
Anthropology in the World SA1001 Module
Anthropology of Africa I SA5401 Module
Anthropology of Africa II SA5402 Module
Anthropology of Amazonia SA4860 Module
Anthropology of Energy SA4064 Module
Anthropology of Latin America: Contemporary issues SA4868 Module
Anthropology of Politics and Governance SA4867 Module
Anthropology of Religion and Politics SA4060 Module
Anthropology of the Pacific 1 SA5301 Module
Anthropology of the Pacific 2 SA5302 Module
Anthropology, Art and Perception 1 SA5020 Module
Anthropology, Art and Perception 2 SA5021 Module
Anthropology, Christianity and Modernity SA4856 Module
Anthropology, Indigenous Peoples and Resource Extraction SA3062 Module
Anthropology, Literature and Writing SA4855 Module
Case-studies in Anthropology, Indigenous Peoples and Resource Extraction SA5521 Module
City Life: From Ur to Athens to Motown SA3903 Module
Colonial and Post-colonial Representations SA3059 Module
Colonial and Postcolonial Medicine SA3067 Module
Contagion: Anthropology and Global Health SA4061 Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Anthropology SA3060 Module
Current Issues in Social Anthropology SA5002 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. and M.Res. Programme/s SA5099 Module
Ethnographic Encounters SA2002 Module
Ethnographic Project: Putting Anthropology to Practice in the 'Real' World SA3901 Module
Ethnography of Fieldwork SA4861 Module
Ethnohistories of the Americas SA4865 Module
Individuality, Community and Morality SA3053 Module
Library-based Dissertation SA4098 Module
Living with Material Culture SA4059 Module
Melanesian Anthropology SA4864 Module
Methods in Social Anthropology SA3506 Module
Perception, Imagination and Communication SA3049 Module
Primary Research-based Dissertation SA4099 Module
Reading Ethnography SA3061 Module
Regional Ethnography 2 SA3033 Module
Regional Ethnography I SA3032 Module
Research Methods in Social Anthropology SA5010 Module
Sex and Gender SA3057 Module
Social Organisation and Culture SA5003 Module
Sorcery and Conspiracy: The Anthropology of Alternate Realities SA3066 Module
Special Subject (Latin American, Amerindian and Caribbean Studies) SA5203 Module
The Anthropology of Art SA3048 Module
The Anthropology of Connections: Interdisciplinarity as Methodology SA5011 Module
The Anthropology of Crisis SA4870 Module
The Anthropology of Migration SA3064 Module
The Foundations of Social Anthropology SA2001 Module
The West Indies and the Black Atlantic SA4005 Module
Theory and Method in Social Anthropology SA5001 Module
Today’s World SA2901 Module
Visual Anthropology SA4058 Module
Ways of Thinking SA1002 Module
West Africa SA4857 Module
What is Knowledge? An Anthropological Enquiry SA4858 Module
Youth in Africa SA4863 Module

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The Anthropology of Art 2020-21 Ended 24/08/2021 11/03/2021 15:15:14