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Advanced Epistemology PY5402 Module
Advanced Logic PY4612 Module
Advanced Logic 1B: Classical Metatheory PY5302 Module
Advanced Logic A: Lattices & Logic PY5301 Module
Advanced Metaethics PY4655 Module
Advanced Philosophy of Language PY5208 Module
Aesthetics PY5312 Module
Aesthetics PY2101 Module
Animal Minds and Language PY4618 Module
Bioethics PY4666 Module
Classical Philosophy PY5201 Module
Classical Philosophy PY4611 Module
Contemporary Epistemology PY4606 Module
Contemporary Philosophy of Language PY4632 Module
Continental European Philosophy from Descartes to Leibniz PY4607 Module
Core Works in Continental Philosophy PY4649 Module
Critical Theory PY4662 Module
Current Issues in Philosophy 1 PY5101 Module
Current Issues in Philosophy 2 PY5102 Module
Dissertation (Whole Year) PY4698 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s PY5099 Module
Dissertation in Philosophy PY4699 Module
Dreaming and Waking PY4671 Module
Ecophilosophy PY5215 Module
Ethical Controversies PY1105 Module
Ethical Issues (by Distance Learning) PY1801 Module
Ethics and the allocation of health resources PY4670 Module
First Contact PY4665 Module
Formal Approaches to Natural Language PY5210 Module
Foundations of Western Philosophy PY2011 Module
Freedom and Action PY4616 Module
History of Modern Philosophy from Hobbes to Kant PY2901 Module
Humans, Animals, and Nature PY4647 Module
Intermediate Logic PY2010 Module
Intuitions and Philosophical Methodology PY5403 Module
Kant PY5203 Module
Kant's Critical Philosophy PY4622 Module
Knowledge, Mind and Reality PY2902 Module
Matters of Life and Death PY2903 Module
Meaning and Knowing PY2012 Module
Mediaeval Philosophy PY5320 Module
Metaphysics PY4615 Module
Mind and Reality (by Distance Learning) PY2801 Module
Mind and World PY1010 Module
Modal Logic and Metaphysics PY4669 Module
Modern Philosophy: from Descartes to Kant (by Distance Learning) PY2802 Module
Moral and Aesthetic Value PY2013 Module
Moral and Political Controversies PY1011 Module
Moral and Political Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century PY5204 Module
Morality and Human Nature PY1901 Module
Origins and History of Analytic Philosophy PY5205 Module
Paradoxes PY4601 Module
Philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment PY5202 Module
Philosophy and Public Affairs: Global Justice PY4625 Module
Philosophy of Art PY4624 Module
Philosophy of Creativity PY4639 Module
Philosophy of Economics PY4657 Module
Philosophy of Law PY5315 Module
Philosophy of Law PY4643 Module
Philosophy of Logic PY4634 Module
Philosophy of Logic PY5324 Module
Philosophy of Mathematics PY4633 Module
Philosophy of Mind PY4614 Module
Philosophy of Mind PY5310 Module
Philosophy of Music PY4667 Module
Philosophy of Perception PY5308 Module
Philosophy of Perception PY4610 Module
Philosophy of Religion PY4638 Module
Philosophy, Feminism and Gender PY4650 Module
Philosophy, Literature, and Fiction PY4645 Module
Political Philosophy PY4604 Module
Political Philosophy PY5318 Module
Political Philosophy in the Age of Revolutions PY4608 Module
Rationality and Action PY2103 Module
Reading Philosophy 1: Texts in Language, Logic, Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Science PY3100 Module
Reading Philosophy 2: Texts in Ethics, Metaethics, Religion, Aesthetics and Political Philosophy PY3200 Module
Reasoning PY1012 Module
Reasoning and Knowledge (by Distance Learning) PY1802 Module
Reasons for Action and Belief PY4646 Module
Research Methods PY5103 Module
Rousseau on Human Nature, Society, and Freedom PY4644 Module
Society, Authority and Freedom PY1106 Module
Special Topic in Philosophy PY3999 Module
Texts in Contemporary Metaphysics PY5325 Module
Texts in the History of Political Philosophy PY5213 Module
The Enlightenment PY1013 Module
The Philosophy of Human Rights PY4652 Module
The Philosophy of Love and Sex PY4656 Module
The Philosophy of Saul Kripke PY4617 Module
The Philosophy of the Climate Crisis PY4661 Module
The Philosophy of Time PY5401 Module
Themes in Greek and Roman Philosophy PY5217 Module
Timely Topics in Political Philosophy PY4658 Module
Toleration in the Early Modern Period PY4653 Module
Topics in Recent Moral Theory PY5319 Module
Twentieth-Century Philosophers PY5326 Module
Value and Normativity PY3702 Module
Virtue and Vice PY4620 Module
Why Does The World Exist? PY4659 Module
Work, Entitlement, and Welfare PY4660 Module

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