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Advanced Principles of Psychology 1 PS2001 Module
Advanced Principles of Psychology 2 PS2002 Module
Aggressive Behaviour PS4104 Module
Animal Models in Psychology and Neuroscience PS4108 Module
Assessment in Clinical Psychology PS3032 Module
Assessment in Clinical Psychology PS5232 Module
Behavioural Neuroscience PS4071 Module
Cognition PS3038 Module
Cognition PS5238 Module
Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience PS5235 Module
Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience PS3035 Module
Cognitive Psychology and the Emotional Disorders PS4074 Module
Computer-Aided Research PS4091 Module
Conceptual Issues and Theoretical Perspectives PS5231 Module
Conceptual Issues and Theoretical Perspectives PS3031 Module
Data Collection and Sampling PS5102 Module
Developmental Psychology PS3033 Module
Developmental Psychology PS5233 Module
Dissertation for Adults with learning Disabilities who have Significant and Complex needs MSc Programme PS5199 Module
Empirical Approaches to the Evolution of Communications PS5011 Module
Ethics of Conversation PY4664 Module
Evolution and Development of Social and Technical Intelligence PS4085 Module
Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology PS3036 Module
Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology PS5236 Module
Face Perception and Human Attraction PS4090 Module
Generic Research and Professional Skills in Psychology PS5003 Module
Implementing Effective Care PS5502 Module
Intellectual Disability Research PS5101 Module
Introduction to Psychology 1 PS1901 Module
Introduction to Psychology 2 PS2901 Module
Mechanisms of Behaviour PS4096 Module
Memory Mechanisms and Alzheimer’s Disease PS4089 Module
Methods of Data Analysis in Psychology PS5005 Module
Origins and evolution of mind reading (Theory of Mind) PS4086 Module
Origins of Human Cognition PS5012 Module
Origins of Mind: Psychology Master's Research Project PS5013 Module
Perception PS3037 Module
Perception PS5037 Module
Perception PS5237 Module
Principal Approaches to the Origins of Mind PS5010 Module
Psychological Statistics and Research Methods 3A PS3023 Module
Psychology 1 PS1001 Module
Psychology 2 PS1002 Module
Psychology Master's Research Project PS5002 Module
Psychology of Dementia PS4093 Module
Psychology of Music PS4083 Module
Psychology of Visual Art PS4084 Module
Psychology Project PS4050 Module
Psychology Review PS4040 Module
Qualitative Data Analysis: Flexible Designs PS5104 Module
Quantitative Data Analysis: Fixed Designs PS5103 Module
Research Design and Analysis 2 PS3022 Module
Research Design and Analysis I PS3021 Module
Review PS5240 Module
Review - Approaches to the Study of Mind PS5031 Module
Review Essay PS4060 Module
Selves and Identities PS4101 Module
Social Psychology PS3034 Module
Social Psychology PS5234 Module
The Care of Individuals with Dementia PS5501 Module
The Psychosocial Impact of Dementia PS5500 Module
Theoretical Perspectives in Psychology PS3902 Module
Undertaking a Small Scale Study PS5106 Module
Vision in a complex world PS4065 Module
Writing a Research Report PS5105 Module

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