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Advanced Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Methods PH4028 Module
Applications of Quantum Physics PH5015 Module
Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics PH4041 Module
Biophotonics PH5016 Module
Computational Physics PH3080 Module
Concepts in Atomic Physics and Magnetic Resonance PH4042 Module
Displays and Nonlinear Optics PH5182 Module
Dissertation for MSc Programme PH5301 Module
Electromagnetism PH3007 Module
Electronics PH3074 Module
EMSP Applications of Quantum Physics PH5267 Module
EMSP Biophotonics PH5264 Module
EMSP Nanophotonics PH5263 Module
EMSP Nonlinear Optics PH5268 Module
EMSP Quantum Optics PH5266 Module
Fibre Optic Communications (B21FC) PH5187 Module
Fluids PH4031 Module
General Relativity PH5011 Module
Information and Measurement PH3011 Module
Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics PH4039 Module
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics PH4038 Module
Laser Physics PH5193 Module
Laser Physics and Design PH5005 Module
Mathematics for Chemistry / Physicists PH3082 Module
Mathematics for Physicists PH3081 Module
Mathematics for Physicists 1A PH1501 Module
Modern Optics (B21FM) PH5186 Module
Modern Topics in Condensed Matter Physics PH5024 Module
Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Techniques PH5023 Module
Nanophotonics PH5025 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics PH4022 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics with Advanced Skills PH4040 Module
Optical Imaging Concepts PH5192 Module
Optoelectronics and Nonlinear Optics PH4027 Module
Organic Semiconductors and Liquid Crystal Displays PH5022 Module
Photonics Experimental Laboratory 2 (B21HL) PH5184 Module
Photonics Laboratory 1 PH5181 Module
Physics 1A PH1011 Module
Physics 1B PH1012 Module
Physics 2A PH2011 Module
Physics 2B PH2012 Module
Physics Laboratory 1 PH3101 Module
Physics Laboratory 2 PH4105 Module
Physics of Music PH4036 Module
Physics Project (BSc) PH4111 Module
Physics Project (MPhys) PH5101 Module
Physics Project (non-graduating - 120) PH4112 Module
Physics Project (non-graduating - 60) PH4113 Module
Physics Skills 1A PH1502 Module
Physics Skills 1B PH1503 Module
Polymers and Liquid Crystals for Displays PH5209 Module
Principles of Lasers PH4034 Module
Principles of Optics PH4035 Module
Project in Theoretical Physics (M.Phys.) PH5102 Module
Project Preparation PH5260 Module
Quantum Field Theory PH5004 Module
Quantum Mechanics 1 PH3061 Module
Quantum Mechanics 2 PH3062 Module
Quantum Optics PH5012 Module
Research project PH5177 Module
Research Project PH5261 Module
Semiconductor Optoelectronics (B20SO) PH5185 Module
Semiconductor Physics and Devices PH5208 Module
Signals and Information PH4026 Module
Special Relativity and Fields PH4032 Module
Thermal and Statistical Physics PH3012 Module
Transferable Skills for Physicists PH3014 Module

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