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'Army with a Country'? The Military and Militarism in Prusso-German History, 1640 - 1945 MO3712 Module
'The German Hercules' - Martin Luther and Germany, 1517-2000 MO4910 Module
1848: Revolutionary Age MO3318 Module
A Graveyard of Empires? Afghanistan in the Twentieth Century MO3367 Module
Approaches to Historical Theory MO5308 Module
Approaches to Historical Theory MO3308 Module
Approaches to the American Century MO4810 Module
Art and Piety in Western Europe, 1400-1750 MO3026 Module
Aspects of Reformation 1 MO5101 Module
Aspects of Reformation 2 MO5102 Module
Bismarck: Biography - Politics - Mythology MO4936 Module
Blood, Glory, Judgement: Early Modern Catholicism MO4903 Module
Books and Their Readers in Early Modern Europe MO5113 Module
Britain and Iran in the Modern Era MO4850 Module
Britain and its Empire in the Age of the Consumer Revolution, 1660-1820 MO4921 Module
Britain in the 1920s and 1930s: Aspects of everyday life MO3461 Module
Britain in the Era of the Great War MO3404 Module
British Cinema History (1920-1960) MO4959 Module
British Culture in the Eighteenth Century MO3263 Module
Central and Eastern Europe since 1945 MO5515 Module
Charles Darwin and the Politics of Progress MO4937 Module
Charles Darwin and the Politics of Progress in the Natural World MO5935 Module
China's Revolutions (1850-1989) MO3337 Module
Civil War and Dictatorship in Spain, 1936-1959 MO4939 Module
Class or Nation? Radical Politics in Twentieth Century Scotland MO4808 Module
Colonizing Asia: An Economic Study of Colonialism in Asia and its Consequences MO3355 Module
Constructing Identities: Scottish Historians and the Past, 1707-1832 MO3260 Module
Crossing Borders: European History in Transnational Perspectives MO5710 Module
Crown and Nobility in early modern Scotland MO3065 Module
Culture and Mentalities in Early Modern England (c. 1500 - 1800) MO3041 Module
Curiosity, Empire and Science in Eighteenth-Century Europe MO4968 Module
De-colonising Asia (c. 1914-1975) MO3424 Module
Dictatorship in Practice: Everyday Life in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Franco's Spain and the Stalinist Soviet Union MO3423 Module
Directed Reading in Modern History MO5630 Module
Directed Reading in Modern History MO5602 Module
Directed Reading in Modern History 2 MO5609 Module
Disease and Environment (c.1500 - c.2000) (20) MO5223 Module
Disease and Environment (c.1500 - c.2000) (40) MO5023 Module
Disease and the Environment (c. 1500 - 2000) MO3338 Module
Disease, Medicine, and the Making of the Modern World, 1500 to Present MO3909 Module
Dissertation for MLitt Programme/s MO5099 Module
Doing and Practicing Transnational and Global History in the Late Modern World MO3351 Module
Early Colonial South Asia (c. 1700–1857) MO3223 Module
Early Modern Documents and Sources MO5030 Module
Early Modern Rome (1300-1667) MO3043 Module
Early Modern Scotland in the age of British Unions (1603-1707) MO3162 Module
Elizabethan England: Politics, Religion, and Personalities (1558 - 1603) MO4967 Module
Empire and Nation: The Development of Colonial British America, 1607 - 1770 MO3025 Module
Equality, Institutions and the Development of the Modern State MO4854 Module
Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Twentieth-Century Europe MO4965 Module
France and Africa in the Twentieth Century: Colonialism, Anti-colonialism, Post-colonialism MO4962 Module
France and the World, 1940 - 1995 MO4948 Module
French Absolutism: Richelieu to Louis XIV MO4912 Module
French Algeria, 1830-1962 MO3381 Module
French Fancy and Cool Britannia? Franco-British Relations from the Seven Years' War to the French Revolution MO3222 Module
From Allied Invasion to Coup d'Etat: Iran Between 1941 and 1953 MO3583 Module
From Cradle To Grave: Living and Dying in Early Modern England (c.1500 - c.1800) MO3040 Module
From the ‘People's War’ to ‘New’ Labour: British Politics after the Second World War MO3957 Module
From World War 2 to Thermidor: Iran in the Short 20th Century MO3581 Module
Gender and Sexuality in South Asia (1800s-2000s) MO3389 Module
Global Times - Plural Spaces 1 MO5153 Module
Global Times - Plural Spaces 2 MO5154 Module
Hallmarks of Modern History MO5801 Module
Historical Skills MO5012 Module
History and Historians in Twentieth-Century Britain MO4947 Module
History in the Making: Theories, Approaches and Practice 1 MO5625 Module
History in the Making: Theories, Approaches and Practice 2 MO5626 Module
History of Environmentalism: The Politics of Nature in the Western World (c. 1800 to Present) MO3314 Module
History, Memory and Identity in Post-War Western Europe (1945-2005) MO3520 Module
Holocaust and Denial in Europe MO3301 Module
Imperial Russia, 1815-1917 MO3302 Module
Imperialism and Nationalism: The British Empire in India 1857-1947 MO3320 Module
Jihad, Community and Identity: Islamic political thought past and present MO3326 Module
Key Issues in German Historiography MO5619 Module
Law and Society in Scotland and its Empire, 1707-1914 MO4855 Module
Making Economic History Count: Economic Analysis from a Historical Perspective MO3356 Module
Making Italians: Region, nation and empire in Italy from Unification to Fascism MO3328 Module
Making People's Music: Folk Music Revival and Society in the United States, 1900 - 1970 MO3421 Module
Mapping Modern Europe: Spatial Perspectives on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries MO4961 Module
Mary, Queen of Scots, France, England and Ireland MO4807 Module
Material Bibliography MO5032 Module
Media and Politics in Modern Britain, 1850-1939 MO3319 Module
Mediterranean Colonialism: Colonisers and Colonised in France, Spain, Italy and North Africa 1890s-1950s MO3336 Module
Microhistories of a Global Nation: Scotland, c.1707– c.1843 MO3264 Module
Migrant South Asia (c. 17th-20th centuries) MO3352 Module
MO3280 Persia in the 18th Century, 1722-1834 MO3280 Module
Modern India: From Empire to Republic (1917 - 1950) MO4949 Module
Modern Iran from 1834-1941: Enlightenment, Nationalism and Revolution MO3385 Module
Nationalism and Unionism in Modern Scotland MO3365 Module
Nationalism and Unionism in Modern Scotland MO3761 Module
Nature and Society in Victorian Britain MO3334 Module
Nomadic Heritage and Persianate Culture: the Iranian world from Timurids to the Safavids (1370-1722) MO3080 Module
Palaeography and Manuscript Studies MO5033 Module
Perceptions of Central and Eastern Europe MO5623 Module
Persia in the 18th Century - 1722-1834 (The Age of the Warlords) MO3215 Module
Picturing Politics and Society in Early Modern England: Images of Power and Corruption from Van Dyck to Gillray c.1630 - c.1800 MO3034 Module
Politics, Culture and Society in the French Revolution (1789-1815) MO3346 Module
Popular Culture, Nation and Society: Leisure in Britain 1880-1960 MO3516 Module
Popular Music, Culture and Society: The United States and Britain, 1955-1980 MO3524 Module
Postcolonial Europe: Empire and its Legacies in Western Europe since 1945 MO3523 Module
Print Culture in Britain (1750-1900) MO3345 Module
Print, Progress and Public opinion. Towards a New History of Print Culture in Early Modern Europe MO4975 Module
Progress and Reform: The United States, 1880 - 1930 MO4938 Module
Rebellion, Regicide and Revolution: The English Civil Wars and Interregnum MO4915 Module
Renaissance Information Technology and Print Culture MO3037 Module
Restoration, Revolution, Union and Rebellion: Scotland 1660–c.1760 MO3914 Module
Rethinking the World in East Asia 1850s-1990s MO3354 Module
Revolutions and Empires MO4970 Module
Russia - Real and Imagined: Ideas, Identity, and Culture (1800-2000) MO3321 Module
Russians Making History, 1755-2000 MO4932 Module
Saints and Martyrs in Early Modern Europe MO4913 Module
Science and Nation-Building in Europe, 1750 - 1900 MO3216 Module
Scotland and the Pacific World, 1788–1914 MO3392 Module
Scotland, Britain and Empire, c. 1500-2000 MO2008 Module
Skills in Digital History: Maps and Text MO5162 Module
Slavery and Capitalism in the United States MO3110 Module
Society and Religious Change in Sixteenth-Century France MO5006 Module
Spatial Histories of Modern East and Southeast Asia MO4971 Module
Stalinism, Nazism and Central Europe (1912-1941) MO3425 Module
Stuart Rule and Revolution (1603-1689) MO3113 Module
Thatcherism, the 'New Right', and the Remaking of British Politics, c. 1940-1997 MO3561 Module
The 1960s: an International Perspective MO5607 Module
The Age of Atlantic Revolutions MO3057 Module
The American Constitution: Past and Present MO3350 Module
The American Constitution: Past and Present MO3715 Module
The American Metropolis MO3349 Module
The American Revolution MO3218 Module
The Asian Economic Miracle: Industrialization and Globalization MO3388 Module
The British Town in the Long Eighteenth Century MO4974 Module
The Decline and Fall of the French Old Regime (1715-1789) MO3214 Module
The Decline of Spain 1556 - 1700 MO3035 Module
The Diplomatic Prelude to the Second World War MO4944 Module
The Dutch Golden Age: Power, Culture and Society in the Seventeenth Century MO3056 Module
The Early Modern Western World (c. 1450 - c. 1770) MO1902 Module
The Early Modern Western World (c. 1450 - c. 1770) MO1007 Module
The Early Reformation in Europe, 1517-55 MO3005 Module
The Enlightenment and the World MO3220 Module
The Evolution of British Democracy, 1832-1918 MO3309 Module
The French 'Civil Wars' of the Twentieth Century MO3419 Module
The German Enlightenment in European Perspectives MO4914 Module
The History of History in East Asia MO3055 Module
The Italian Renaissance MO3036 Module
The Japanese Empire and its Aftermath (1873 - 1952) MO3335 Module
The Kaiser. Aspects of Emperor Wilhelm II, 1859-1941 MO3329 Module
The Kennedy Years MO4952 Module
The Library, a Fragile History MO3052 Module
The life and times of the Atom Bomb MO4514 Module
The Mental World of the Individual and the Collective in England, 1550-1800 MO3015 Module
The Northern Renaissance MO3029 Module
The Northern World, 1523-1725 MO3050 Module
The Ottoman Empire 1300–1700 MO3081 Module
The Politics of Monarchy in Tudor and Stuart England MO3045 Module
The Power of Persuasion: Propaganda in Renaissance and Reformation Scotland MO3053 Module
The Reformation in Europe MO3910 Module
The Restoration Worlds of Samuel Pepys MO3111 Module
The Rise of Prussia, 1600-1786 MO3103 Module
The Rise of the Nation State in Central Europe (1912-1941) MO3353 Module
The Soviet Union MO3406 Module
The Soviet Union, 1917-1991 MO5402 Module
The Third Reich: History and Historiography MO3410 Module
The Transformation of the European Nobility 1600-1800 MO3104 Module
The Tudors: Power and Piety in Sixteenth-Century England MO3047 Module
The United States in Depression and War MO3422 Module
The United States in the Cold WarThe United States in the Cold War and the Cold War in the United States MO3359 Module
The Victorians: Religion and Respectability MO3331 Module
Themes and Debates in Early Modern History 2 MO5052 Module
Themes and Debates in Early Modern History 1 MO5053 Module
Themes and Debates in Modern French History MO5608 Module
Themes and Debates on War and Modern History MO5603 Module
Themes in American History MO5620 Module
Themes in Late Modern History (c. 1776–2001) MO1008 Module
Themes in Russian 19th and 20th Century Intellectual History MO5610 Module
Topics in Renaissance Venice MO3044 Module
Travel Cultures in Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries MO3217 Module
Twentieth-Century Germany: A Sense of Place MO4973 Module
Under a Bright Red Star: Iranian Marxism in the 20th Century MO4853 Module
Understanding Resistance and Protest in Modern India (c.19th - 21st centuries) MO4972 Module
Walking Early Modern Europe MO3054 Module
War and the French Empire, 1940-1945 MO3426 Module
War and the State in the Era of the "Military Revolution" (1550-1730) MO3038 Module
War and Welfare: Britain 1939-1951 MO3502 Module
Witches and Witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe MO3048 Module
Women and Men in Europe, 1500-1800 MO3027 Module

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