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Advanced Corporate Finance MN5444 Module
Advanced Financial Econometrics MN5320 Module
Advertising and Marketing Communications MN4242 Module
Advertising: A Social History (ASH) MN4239 Module
Alternative Investment MN5611 Module
Application Packages for Management Research MN5301 Module
Applied Financial Econometrics MN5443 Module
Banking and Finance MN5310 Module
Behavioural Decision Making MN4244 Module
Behavioural Finance MN5613 Module
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship MN5494 Module
Capital, Democracy and Sustainability MN5841 Module
Change, Complexity and Innovation MN4204 Module
Consumer Behaviour and Market Research MN5406 Module
Consuming Culture MN4224 Module
Contemporary Conceptual Issues in Management MN5002 Module
Contemporary Global Issues in Management MN5001 Module
Contemporary Issues in Management MN4100 Module
Corporate Finance and Accounting in a Global Context MN5424 Module
Corporate Finance and Control MN3101 Module
Corporate Financial Management MN5442 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting MN4227 Module
Creative Industries MN4267 Module
Creative Marketing Communications MN5560 Module
Creativity in Context Enterprise Project MN4103 Module
Dialogue and Debate in Marketing MN5405 Module
Dynamic Strategic Management MN3311 Module
Earth Matters: Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy, and the Re-imagining of Sustainability MN4269 Module
Entrepreneurship and Business Development MN5515 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development MN4263 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development MN3060 Module
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity MN5510 Module
Equality ad Diversity in Organisations MN4268 Module
Ethics, Organisations and Management MN5513 Module
Financial Accounting Information and Analysis MN5441 Module
Financial Markets and Investments MN4116 Module
Financial Systems MN5604 Module
Financial Technology (FinTech) MN5312 Module
Global Business Strategy MN5423 Module
Group Dissertation MN5498 Module
Human Resource Management MN4213 Module
Human Resource Management MN3213 Module
Individual Dissertation MN5499 Module
International Banking MN4223 Module
International Business MN5512 Module
International Business MN3126 Module
International Financial Management MN5607 Module
International Marketing MN4211 Module
International Marketing MN5401 Module
Introduction to Business Issues and Research Methods (was BS4001) MN4001 Module
Investments and Portfolio Management MN5612 Module
Issues in International Business Law MN5508 Module
Knowledge Work: Practice and Context MN4241 Module
Leadership Development MN4245 Module
Leadership in Organisations MN5511 Module
Leadership: Perspectives and Reflective Practice MN5902 Module
Management Accounting MN5450 Module
Management Accounting and Control MN3023 Module
Management and Analysis MN2002 Module
Management and Society MN2001 Module
Management as if the Earth Mattered MN5842 Module
Management of Change MN4214 Module
Management Project MN4301 Module
Managing and Developing People MN5480 Module
Managing Creative Industries (was BS5016) MN5751 Module
Managing Human Resources MN5470 Module
Managing in a Complex Environment MN5495 Module
Managing Natural Resources MN5514 Module
Managing Non-Governmental Organisations MN5821 Module
Managing People in Global Markets MN5421 Module
Marketing MN3025 Module
Marketing and Organisations MN5551 Module
Marketing and Society MN5554 Module
Marketing Communications and Buyer Behaviours MN5404 Module
Marketing Planning and Strategy MN5552 Module
Marketing Research MN5403 Module
Marketing: Principles and Practice MN5471 Module
Masterclasses in Human Resource Management MN5481 Module
MRes Dissertation in Management Studies MN5399 Module
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs): Contexts, Contributions, and Challenges MN4266 Module
Organisation Philosophy MN4102 Module
Organisation Studies MN3102 Module
Organisations and Analysis MN1002 Module
Organisations and Society MN1001 Module
Philanthropy and Philanthropreneurs: The Business of Doing Good MN4243 Module
Public Relations MN5509 Module
Public Sector Management MN3024 Module
Research Issues in Management MN5302 Module
Research Methods: 1 MN3201 Module
Research Methods: 2 MN3202 Module
Retailing Corporate Strategy MN5559 Module
Scenario Thinking MN4310 Module
Scenario Thinking and Strategy MN5501 Module
Skills and Challenges for the HR Professional MN5473 Module
Skills in Leadership MN5901 Module
Social Theory & Work Organisation MN4262 Module
Sociology of Finance MN4236 Module
Strategic Management MN5461 Module
Strategic Product Development (20) MN5402 Module
Strategy, Governance and Leadership MN5903 Module
Sustainable Development and Management MN4238 Module
Technology and Toil: Work and Workplace Relations in the 19th and 20th Centuries MN5504 Module
The Creative Process MN5492 Module
The Effective Manager MN2901 Module
Theories and Current Issues in Management MN5303 Module
Understanding Social Dynamics MN5493 Module
Understanding the Creative Industries MN5491 Module
Valuing and Evaluation MN5496 Module

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