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Africa in Latin Literature LT4226 Module
Augustan Elegy LT4230 Module
Constantinian Latin LT4223 Module
Displacement and Empire in Latin Literature LT4228 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s LT5099 Module
Elementary Latin I LT1001 Module
Elementary Latin II LT1002 Module
Epic Latin: Skills, Theory, Methods LT3019 Module
Floating Words: Anonymous Writing in Ancient Rome LT4222 Module
Horace and You LT4227 Module
Intermediate Latin for MLitt (A) LT5002 Module
Late Imperial Literature LT5005 Module
Late Latin LT4208 Module
Latin 1 LT5103 Module
Latin 2 LT5104 Module
Latin Astronomical Poetry LT5020 Module
Latin Didactic Poetry LT5016 Module
Latin Didactic Poetry LT4210 Module
Latin Dissertation LT4999 Module
Latin for Honours Classics 1 LT3017 Module
Latin for Honours Classics 2 LT3018 Module
Latin Historical Writing LT5015 Module
Latin Historical Writing LT4209 Module
Latin in Progress 2 LT2004 Module
Latin in Progress I LT2003 Module
Latin Language and Literature 2 LT2002 Module
Latin Language and Literature I LT2001 Module
Latin Letters LT4211 Module
Latin Literature for MLitt (B) LT5004 Module
Latin Lyric LT4220 Module
Latin Philosophical Writing LT4214 Module
Literature in the Reign of Nero LT5018 Module
Pliny the Younger LT5021 Module
Ritual and Religion in Latin Literature LT4231 Module
Roman Biography LT4219 Module
Roman Comedy LT4207 Module
Roman Epic LT5001 Module
Roman Epic LT4201 Module
Roman Literary Criticism LT4225 Module
Roman Satire LT4213 Module
Roman Tragedy LT5019 Module
Senecan Tragedy LT4215 Module
The Art of Translation: Ovid in English LT4216 Module
Theodosian Latin LT4224 Module
Women in Myth LT4218 Module
World of Latin 2 LT1004 Module
World of Latin I LT1003 Module
Writing Roman Civil War LT4229 Module

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