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A Special Subject in Linguistics LI5008 Module
Aspects of Language LI2002 Module
Dissertation on a Linguistics Topic LI4098 Module
Foundations of Language 1 LI1001 Module
Foundations of Language 2 LI1002 Module
General Linguistics LI5001 Module
General Linguistics 1: The method of lexical exceptions LI3001 Module
General Linguistics 2: Language Variation and Change LI3002 Module
General Linguistics 3: Semantics and Discourse LI4001 Module
General Linguistics 4: Languages in Contact LI4002 Module
Research Methods in Linguistics LI5002 Module
Sociolinguistic Methodologies LI5007 Module
Structure of Language LI2001 Module
The Method of Lexical Exceptions LI5004 Module
Translation Studies Methodologies LI5006 Module

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