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A Special Subject in Italian Culture IT5036 Module
Authority and subversion in Renaissance Italy IT4024 Module
Black Italians IT4029 Module
Communication Skills 1 IT4003 Module
Communication Skills 2 IT4004 Module
Concepts of Love in Early Italian Literature IT5003 Module
Contemporary Cultures of Migration IT4025 Module
Contemporary Italian Narrative and Poetry IT3019 Module
Contemporary Italian Short Stories IT1005 Module
Dante Alighieri IT4012 Module
Directed Reading in Italian Literature and Culture IT5101 Module
Dissertation on an Italian Topic IT4098 Module
Early Italian Lyric Poetry IT4010 Module
Elena Ferrante IT4033 Module
Emigrant Nation IT3039 Module
Extended Study in Italian Literature and Culture IT5005 Module
Fascism and Film IT4026 Module
Fascist Italy IT4022 Module
Female Literary Representations in the Italian Renaissance IT4014 Module
Fourteenth-Century Literature IT3012 Module
History of the Italian Language IT3009 Module
Introduction to Italian Language IT1001 Module
Italian Cinema and Society, 1945-1975 IT4030 Module
Italian Detective Fiction IT3035 Module
Italian for Postgraduate Studies 1 IT5901 Module
Italian for Postgraduate Studies 2 IT5902 Module
Italian Geographies IT1013 Module
Italian Histories IT1014 Module
Italian Humanism and the Foundations of European Identity IT5002 Module
Italian Integrated Year Abroad IT3101 Module
Italian Language (Elementary) IT1002 Module
Italian Language 1 IT3001 Module
Italian Language 2 IT3002 Module
Italian Language Intermediate 1 IT1003 Module
Italian Language Intermediate 2 IT1004 Module
Italian Literary and Cultural Contexts (15) IT5021 Module
Italian Literary and Cultural Contexts (20) IT5013 Module
Italian Literary and Cultural Contexts (30) IT5031 Module
Italian Literary and Cultural Contexts: Italians (40) IT5011 Module
Italian Renaissance Books of Manners IT1006 Module
Leaving the Factory: Labour and its Others in Modern and Contemporary Italy IT4031 Module
Literary Transvestism in Italian Literature IT4015 Module
Long Dissertation on an Italian Topic IT4099 Module
Memory and Identity: The Existential and Political cinema of Nanni Moretti IT5001 Module
Modern Italy Through Cinema IT4013 Module
New Italian Narrative Models: Pavese, Vittorini, and Calvino, 1939-1957 IT5004 Module
Poverty and Politics in Fascist Italy IT1007 Module
Primo Levi IT3038 Module
Romanticising the Nation: Culture and Identity in the Ottocento IT3022 Module
Second Level Italian IT2001 Module
Second Level Italian (Advanced) IT2002 Module
Self-access Residence in Italy IT3103 Module
Specialised Research in Italian Studies IT5014 Module
The Language and Literature of Renaissance Italy IT3014 Module
The Twentieth Century Italian Novel IT4028 Module
Translation Methodology IT4005 Module
Travellers and Tourists in Italian Culture IT4032 Module
Twentieth-Century Italian Canonical and Anti-Canonical Poetry IT4016 Module
Venice IT3036 Module

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