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Activism and Resistance IR4543 Module
American New World Orders in the Twentieth Century IR3027 Module
Analysis and Interpretation in International Political Theory IR5402 Module
Anglo-American Relations Since 1939: The Special Relationship? IR3059 Module
Approaches to Counter-Terrorism IR3043 Module
Armaments and International Relations IR3057 Module
Armed Conflict in Postcolonial Africa IR3070 Module
Armed Forces, Societies and Governments: An International Perspective on Civil-Military Relations IR3058 Module
Armed Governance IR5732 Module
Arrested Development? The Politics of Postcolonialism IR3047 Module
Art and Conflict IR4550 Module
Asian Security IR3111 Module
Asian Security and the United States IR5024 Module
Britain and Iraq 1914-2004 IR4607 Module
Britain and the World IR4512 Module
Carl von Clausewitz: Life, Work and Reception IR5043 Module
Case Studies in Conflict Analysis IR3021 Module
Case Studies in Conflict and Field Work Component IR5702 Module
Central Asia in International Politics IR4603 Module
Central Asia in World Order IR5510 Module
Certificate in Terrorism Studies IR_CERTIFICATE Programme
Christianity and World Politics IR3068 Module
Communication in International Relations IR4401 Module
Comparative Regionalism IR4566 Module
Concepts in Global Politics IR1005 Module
Conflict and Peace in Post-communist Eurasia IR5029 Module
Conflict in the Middle East IR5518 Module
Conflict in the Middle East IR3300 Module
Conflict Management, Settlement and Resolution IR3038 Module
Conflict, Gender and Generation IR5722 Module
Conflicts, Security and Democracy in the Greater Caucasus IR5527 Module
Contemporary Decolonial Thought IR5416 Module
Contemporary Gulf Politics in a Changing Global Context IR5534 Module
Contemporary Political Theory: From Revolution to Recognition IR4565 Module
Core in International Security Studies - for MRes in International Relations IR5605 Module
Core in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies - for MRes in International Relations IR5604 Module
Core in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies IR5501 Module
Counter-extremism: Ethics, Policy and Practice IR5925 Module
Critical Approaches to International Security IR4522 Module
Critical Approaches to Peacebuilding IR5705 Module
Critical Security Studies IR5036 Module
Critical Terrorism Studies IR3064 Module
Cyber Security and the Global Politics of the Internet IR3305 Module
Dealing in Darkness? An Anatomy of Realist Thought in International Relations IR3071 Module
Debates in Terrorism and Political Violence IR4581 Module
Democracy and Democratisation IR3007 Module
Dissertation for M.Res. Programme/s IR5699 Module
Dissertation for MLitt Programme/s IR5099 Module
Dissertation for Terrorism and Political Violence MLitt Programme IR5999 Module
Distance Learning Electives IR5954 Module
Economy of Anger: Marxism, Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Status IR4572 Module
Electives IR5920 Module
Emergent Great Powers IR5040 Module
Emotional Encounters: Diplomacy, Power and Persuasion in World Politics IR3066 Module
Empires and Imperialism IR5056 Module
Ethics and the Use of Force IR4518 Module
Ethics and the Use of Force IR5026 Module
Ethno-National Conflict in the Post-Communist Space IR4525 Module
Europe, America and the Transatlantic IR4553 Module
Everyday Life and Global Politics IR4570 Module
Faith, Politics and War: The Augustinian Tradition in International Relations IR4560 Module
Feminist Political Economy IR5068 Module
Feminist Theories in Global Politics IR3079 Module
Force and Statecraft IR4548 Module
Force in the Modern World IR4529 Module
Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in Global Politics IR1006 Module
Foreign Policy of Modern China IR3046 Module
Fundamental Issues and Structures of Terrorism IR5901 Module
Fundamental Issues and Structures of Terrorism (Distance learning) IR5951 Module
Fundamentals of Terrorist Violence IR5921 Module
Gender and Generation IR3113 Module
Gender and Terrorism IR5042 Module
Gender and Terrorism IR4542 Module
Genocide IR4530 Module
Geopolitics of Energy in the Caspian Region IR4569 Module
Global and Transnational Islamism IR5502 Module
Global Climate Policy IR5926 Module
Global Constitutionalism IR5408 Module
Global Economic Governance: Visions and Realities IR4573 Module
Global Public Policy IR4514 Module
Globalisation and its Disjunctures IR3032 Module
Globalisation and the South IR5725 Module
Globalisation and the War on Terrorism IR3031 Module
Honours Dissertation in International Relations IR4099 Module
Hot Economics, Cold Politics? International Relations of Northeast Asia IR3078 Module
Human Rights in Theory and Practice IR3030 Module
Human Rights, Power & Politics IR5051 Module
Ideologies and Social Movements in the Middle East IR5415 Module
Ideologies and Social Movements in the Middle East IR4600 Module
Independent study in International Relations IR3037 Module
Indian Foreign Policy IR4545 Module
Intelligence and International Relations in the 20th Century and Beyond IR3205 Module
Intermediate Uzbek IR5531 Module
International History and International Relations IR3049 Module
International Institutions and Global Challenges IR3073 Module
International Law and International Legal Theory IR4539 Module
International Political Economy IR3004 Module
International Political Theory IR3041 Module
International PoliticalTheology: Christian Realism and Beyond IR3061 Module
International Politics of Nuclear Weapons IR4501 Module
International Regimes and Organisations IR3006 Module
International Relations and International Law IR3022 Module
International Relations and the Internet IR3055 Module
International Relations of Energy and the Environment IR3074 Module
International Relations of the European Union IR3039 Module
International Relations of the Middle East IR4602 Module
International Relations of the Modern Middle East IR5520 Module
International Relations Theory IR3051 Module
International Relations: Philosophical and Historical Debates IR5602 Module
International Security IR3025 Module
International Security IR5001 Module
International Terrorism IR3008 Module
Introductory Uzbek IR5530 Module
Law and Society in the Middle East: Local, Regional and International Dimensions IR5526 Module
Leader Personality and Foreign Policy IR3075 Module
Leaders, Psychology, and Foreign Policy IR5070 Module
Mapping the Boundaries of Emerging and Evolving Securities IR3054 Module
Mediation: Community and Global Praxis IR5704 Module
Migration and Political Theory IR5046 Module
Migration in Global Politics: Ethics, Politics, and Practice IR3204 Module
Military Effectiveness IR5047 Module
Mind, Action and Strategy in an Uncertain World IR5055 Module
Modern Ideologies IR3013 Module
Modern War and Strategy IR5800 Module
Modern War: Histories, Strategies, and Critical Interventions IR5050 Module
Music, Politics and International Relations IR4555 Module
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict IR5924 Module
Order and Crisis in World Politics IR4577 Module
Organised Crime and Corruption IR3063 Module
Pathways of European State Formation IR3044 Module
Peace and Conflict Theory IR5701 Module
Peace Processes and Violence IR3035 Module
Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Transition in Latin America IR3053 Module
Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Intervention IR3048 Module
Political Communities, Political Violence IR5034 Module
Political Economy of Conflict IR5039 Module
Political Economy of Trade and Investment IR3076 Module
Political Islam and International Relations IR4604 Module
Political Leadership: Theories and History IR3056 Module
Political Order and Violence in the Middle East IR5059 Module
Political Order and Violence in the Middle East IR4601 Module
Political Philosophy and World Order IR5403 Module
Political Theory of Race and Caste IR5417 Module
Political Violence and Popular Culture IR4586 Module
Politics After ‘The Death of God’: Evil and Tragedy in Modern Politics IR5414 Module
Politics and Development in Southeast Asia IR4519 Module
Politics and State Formation in the Middle East IR3301 Module
Politics of Secession IR4585 Module
Post-Conflict Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa IR3033 Module
Prison Violence and Resistance IR4582 Module
Prisons: Spaces of Power, Resistance and Peacebuilding IR5731 Module
Propaganda, Persuasion and Information War in the Middle East IR4606 Module
Public International Law & International Legal Theory IR3036 Module
Queer IR, Queering Global Politics IR4575 Module
Race, Caste and the Making of the Modern World IR4579 Module
Rebellion and Revolution IR3060 Module
Rebels, Terrorists, Militias: The Comparative Analysis of Armed Groups IR4563 Module
Refugees and International Relations IR3065 Module
Regional Security IR5003 Module
Religion and International Politics IR5030 Module
Religion, Politics and Democracy IR3015 Module
Representations of International Relations IR4521 Module
Representations of Violent Conflict IR3042 Module
Research Methods IR5902 Module
Research Methods in International Relations IR5601 Module
Rethinking Human Rights IR5407 Module
Russian Politics and Foreign Policy after Communism IR3101 Module
Security and Conflict in Africa IR5723 Module
Security and Development in East Asia IR5730 Module
Security and Justice Institutions in World Politics IR5061 Module
Security as Ethics: Rethinking the Global Polity IR4561 Module
Spaces of Securitization IR5063 Module
Special Topics in the Politics of Modern China IR5524 Module
Speculative Fiction and Global Politics IR4584 Module
State Responses to Terrorism IR5923 Module
State Responses to Terrorism (Distance learning) IR5955 Module
Strategic Studies IR4564 Module
Strategic Thought IR5801 Module
Studying International Relations IR2006 Module
Terrorism after 1945 IR5922 Module
Terrorism and Liberal Democracy IR5007 Module
Terrorism and Theories of Collective Action IR5904 Module
Terrorism Radicalism and Extremism IR4526 Module
Terrorist Finance IR4534 Module
Texts in International Political Theory IR5401 Module
Texts in International Political Theory - for M.Res. in International Relations IR5603 Module
The 'Traditional' Security Agenda in the 21st Century IR5035 Module
The Aftermath of Wars: Liberal Dilemmas IR4523 Module
The American Way of War IR5822 Module
The Arab-Israeli Conflict IR3303 Module
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Past & Present IR5525 Module
The Changing Character of War IR4540 Module
The Changing Face(s) of Diplomacy: Emotions, Power and Persuasion in International Relations IR5044 Module
The Cultural Politics of Human Rights IR4532 Module
The First World War and Its Impact on the Global System IR5053 Module
The Genealogy of Modern Counterinsurgency IR5069 Module
The Global Politics of European Integration IR4580 Module
The Global Politics of Everyday Life IR5066 Module
The Influence of Seapower on History, 1805–Present IR5821 Module
The International Criminal Court in World Politics IR4567 Module
The International Criminal Court in World Politics IR3067 Module
The International Relations of Outer Space IR4583 Module
The International Relations of Post-communist Central and Eastern Europe IR3104 Module
The International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa IR4516 Module
The International, Modernity and Contemporary Gulf Politics IR3304 Module
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict IR5067 Module
The Language of Politics IR4504 Module
The Logic of Irregular Warfare IR3029 Module
The Military in Politics IR5064 Module
The Motives and Enablers of Terrorist Violence IR3077 Module
The Northern Ireland Conflict IR3080 Module
The Political Theory of War and Peace IR3034 Module
The Politics of China IR3028 Module
The Politics of Nature and Place IR4578 Module
The Politics of Postcolonial Forests IR3206 Module
The Politics of the Environment IR4552 Module
The Politics of the European Union IR3208 Module
The Politics of Violence and Resistance in Latin America IR3052 Module
The Psychology of International Security IR4546 Module
The Psychology of Motives in Foreign Policy Analysis IR4576 Module
The Return of Great Power Politics IR4531 Module
The Third World in International Development IR3012 Module
The United Nations and Global Governance IR5017 Module
The United Nations in Africa IR5724 Module
Theoretical Approaches to International Relations IR2005 Module
Theories of Friendship, Solidarity and Peace IR4535 Module
Theories of Friendship and Enmity IR5406 Module
Theory, Critique and Ideology in International Relations IR4549 Module
Topics in International Political Thought IR5413 Module
Trauma, Time and Memory in the Politics of Colonialism and Climate Emergency IR3026 Module
Understanding Terrorism IR4574 Module
US Foreign Policy: The Dilemmas of Power IR3023 Module
Violence in Deeply Divided Societies IR3045 Module
Wars and Peace in the Caucasus IR4544 Module
Wars of Decolonisation IR3207 Module
World Order in the History of Political Thought IR4509 Module
‘Reason of State’: Origin, Nature and Career of a Concept IR5412 Module

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