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Ancient Greek Literature for MLitt Students B GK5004 Module
Approaches to Greek Literature GK5101 Module
Comedy and Society in Classical Athens GK5103 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s GK5099 Module
Dissertation in Greek GK4999 Module
Dissertation in Greek for Study Abroad Programmes GK4998 Module
Diversity and Transformations: The Greek Language from the Hellenistic to the Early Modern Period GK4131 Module
Epiphanic Gods: Text and Context in the Homeric Hymns GK4115 Module
Greek Aesthetics GK5105 Module
Greek for Honours Classics 1: Special Option GK3021 Module
Greek for Honours Classics 2: Special Option GK3022 Module
Greek Language GK5010 Module
Greek Language and Literature 1 GK1005 Module
Greek Language for Beginners GK1001 Module
Greek Literature for Beginners GK1002 Module
Greek Literature in the Roman Empire GK4109 Module
Greek Literature in the Roman Empire GK5108 Module
Greek Pastoral and Passion GK1006 Module
Greek Prose Composition GK4100 Module
Greek Rhetoric and Ideology GK5104 Module
Greek Rhetoric and its Representation GK4105 Module
Greek Tragedy GK4102 Module
Greek Tragedy and Athenian Culture GK5102 Module
Greeks and Others: Ethnography and Identity in ancient Greek Literature GK4113 Module
Greeks and Romans: Greek Literature and Identity to the Age of Augustus GK4118 Module
Greeks on Education GK4116 Module
Hellenistic Poetry GK4126 Module
Imagining the Symposium GK4110 Module
Intermediate Ancient Greek for MLitt (A) GK5003 Module
Lies, History and Ideology GK4117 Module
Picture This: Intermediality in Ancient Greek Literature and Culture GK4129 Module
Texts and Objects in the Greek World GK4119 Module
The Greek Novels: Identity, Desire and Literary Transformation GK4130 Module
The History of Ancient Greek from Homer to the New Testament GK4124 Module
The Landscape of Greek Poetry (A) GK2002 Module
The Landscape of Greek Poetry (B) GK2004 Module
The Landscape of Greek Prose (A) GK2001 Module
The Landscape of Greek Prose (B) GK2003 Module
The Rest of the Story: Greek Epic After Homer GK4128 Module
Translating Homer GK5107 Module
Violence in Early Greek Poetry GK4121 Module
‘Satire’, Sex and Society: Greek ‘Old Comedy’ GK4127 Module

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