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American Independent Cinema FM4203 Module
Artists' Film and Video FM4123 Module
Asian Cinemas FM4204 Module
Cinema and Media in the Digital Age FM4108 Module
Cinema and Nation FM4107 Module
Cinema and Politics FM4102 Module
Colonial Cinema FM5104 Module
Contemporary Film Theory FM3001 Module
Contemporary Period Drama FM4302 Module
Creativity in screen cultures: collaboration, labour and scholarship FM4126 Module
Deleuze and Transnational Cinema FM5201 Module
Directed Reading in Film Studies FM5210 Module
Displaced Identities: Transnational Film Auteur in Cultural Contexts FM5205 Module
Dissertation for MLitt Film Studies Programme FM5099 Module
Documentary Cinema FM4303 Module
Ecocinema: The Nature of Film FM4113 Module
Europe as Hub for Global Cinema: Institutions, Policies, Venues FM5704 Module
Feminist Film Studies FM4306 Module
Film and Fashion FM4118 Module
Film and History FM4104 Module
Film and Media FM4103 Module
Film and Sexual Identities FM4304 Module
Film and the Archive FM4109 Module
Film Cultures FM5105 Module
Film Genres FM4114 Module
Film Materiality FM4129 Module
Film Sound FM4308 Module
Film Studies Dissertation FM4099 Module
Film Technologies and Aesthetics FM5103 Module
Film Theory FM2002 Module
Global Film History and Historiography FM1002 Module
Global Witness: Transnational Film and Human Rights FM5208 Module
Heritage Cinemas in the Global Context: The Aesthetics and Politics of Period Film FM5202 Module
Horror on Screen FM4119 Module
Images and Impact: The Uses of Film FM4110 Module
Images of the Past FM4112 Module
Issues of Cultural and Transnational Identity in Auteur Cinema FM5206 Module
Issues of Heritage Cinemas: The Aesthetics and Politics of Period Film FM5204 Module
Issues of Transnational Cinema and Narrative Convention FM5102 Module
Issues of Transnational Cinema and the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze FM5203 Module
Japanese Cinema after WWII FM4201 Module
Key Concepts in Film Studies FM1001 Module
Music and Film FM4307 Module
New Directions in Film Studies Research FM5003 Module
Race and Representation FM4124 Module
Representing the Holocaust FM4105 Module
Scotland and Cinema FM4205 Module
Screen Comedy FM4121 Module
Screen Cultures Today: Media and Methods FM2003 Module
Sensory Cinema FM4115 Module
Silent Cinema FM4120 Module
Skills, Methods and Approaches in Film Studies FM5002 Module
Stars FM4116 Module
Television Form and Culture FM4128 Module
The Audiovisual Essay: Forms and Practice FM4309 Module
The Epic Film in Global Cinema FM5213 Module
The European Crime Film FM4111 Module
The International Film Industry: Cultural Production and Distribution FM4301 Module
Time, National Identity and Cinema FM4101 Module
Transnational Cinema and Narrative Convention FM5101 Module
Transnational Cinema and the Global Witness: Film and Human Rights FM5207 Module
Transnational Cinema in the Digital Age FM5211 Module
Transnational Reception of Cinema FM5212 Module
War and Cinema FM4106 Module
Watching the Detectives: Murder, Mystery and the Media FM4122 Module

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