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Adanced Igneous Petrogenesis ES4006 Module
Advanced Petrogenesis ES5013 Module
Data Analysis in Earth Sciences ES3002 Module
Dynamic Earth: Earth Surface Processes ES2003 Module
Dynamic Earth: Magma, Minerals and Metamorphism ES2002 Module
Dynamic Earth: The Earth System ES2001 Module
Earth Sciences and Environment ES1002 Module
Environmental Excursion ES4008 Module
Exploring Earth and Environmental Sciences ES2901 Module
Field Remote Sensing Methods in Earth Sciences ES3005 Module
Geochemistry ES3008 Module
GIS and Spatial Analysis for Earth Scientists ES3003 Module
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology ES3009 Module
Isotope Geochemistry: Theory, Techniques, and Applications ES5005 Module
Metallogeny ES5006 Module
Pollution and Aqueous Chemistry ES5011 Module
Practical and Field Skills for Earth Scientists ES2004 Module
Processes and Products in Sedimentary Systems ES3004 Module
Structural Geology and Tectonics ES3007 Module
Subsurface Modelling and Geophysics for Earth Scientists ES4007 Module
Understanding Planet Earth ES1001 Module

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