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AQF Third year Project EC5301 Module
Behavioural Economics: Individual Decisions and Welfare EC4407 Module
Behavioural Economics: Social and Strategic Interactions EC4433 Module
Behavioural Finance EC5227 Module
Central Banking EC5803 Module
Commercial Banking EC5802 Module
Computational Economics EC3307 Module
Computations in Finance EC5704 Module
Corporate Finance EC5604 Module
Corporate Governance EC5606 Module
Development Economics EC4419 Module
Dissertation in Analytical Finance EC5799 Module
Dissertation in Economics EC4499 Module
Dissertation in Finance and Economics EC5399 Module
Dissertation in International Finance EC5997 Module
Dissertation in Money, Banking & Finance EC5899 Module
Econometric Methods and Applications EC5203 Module
Econometrics EC3301 Module
Econometrics of Impact Evaluation EC4425 Module
Economic Fluctuations EC3306 Module
Economic Growth EC3303 Module
Economics EC1004 Module
Economics of Education EC4431 Module
Economics of Labour EC4411 Module
Economics of the Environment EC4405 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Planning EC5506 Module
European Economic Integration EC5507 Module
European Macroeconomics EC4413 Module
Experimental Economics and Finance EC5225 Module
Experimental Economics: Methods, Markets, Institutions and Behaviour EC4406 Module
Finance EC1008 Module
Finance Dissertation EC5699 Module
Financial Econometrics EC5609 Module
Financial Economics: Asset Pricing EC4417 Module
Financial Economics: Corporate Finance EC4418 Module
Financial Economics: Portfolio Management EC4430 Module
Financial Intermediation EC5608 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions EC5603 Module
Financial Modelling EC5602 Module
Financial Times Series Econometrics EC5703 Module
Game Theory EC3302 Module
Game Theory EC5220 Module
Global and Local Issues of the Environment EC5505 Module
Growth and Economic Development EC5504 Module
Health and Education (20) EC4403 Module
Health Economics EC4429 Module
Incentives, Contracts and Markets EC3305 Module
Industrial Economics EC5223 Module
Inequality and Redistribution EC4420 Module
Innovation Economics EC4416 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics EC2002 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics EC2001 Module
International Finance EC5901 Module
International Macroeconomics EC4409 Module
International Strategy and Economics Dissertation EC5599 Module
International Trade EC4410 Module
Investment Management EC5601 Module
Macroeconomic Policy EC4414 Module
Macroeconomics EC1001 Module
Macroeconomics EC5201 Module
Mathematics for Economists EC1003 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions EC5610 Module
Microeconomics EC5202 Module
Microeconomics EC1002 Module
Microstructure of Financial Markets EC5721 Module
Models and Methods in International Strategy and Economics EC5503 Module
Monetary and Financial History EC4402 Module
Monetary Policy EC5605 Module
Neoclassical Finance EC5701 Module
Optimization in Finance EC5702 Module
Options and Derivatives EC5705 Module
Personnel Economics EC4434 Module
Philosophy of Economics EC4427 Module
Political Economy EC4421 Module
Portfolio Management EC5611 Module
Practical Financial Modelling EC4426 Module
Public Economics EC4415 Module
Statistics for Economists EC2203 Module
The Economics of Migration EC4424 Module
The Economics of Negotiations EC5518 Module
The International Economy EC5502 Module
The New Institutional Economics EC5509 Module
Thinking Strategically EC5501 Module
Topics in Economic History EC4428 Module

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