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A Quest for God: The Religious World of Dante DI4829 Module
A Selected Mediaeval Theologian DI5534 Module
A Selected Modern Theologian DI5529 Module
A Selected Patristic Theologian DI5535 Module
A Selected Reformation Theologian DI5528 Module
Ancient Jewish Literature from 1 Enoch to the Mishnah DI4731 Module
Aquinas' Theology DI4830 Module
Atonement DI4616 Module
Baylor University Module DI4932 Module
Biblical Aramaic DI4705 Module
Biblical Hermeneutics DI5203 Module
Biblical Hermeneutics and Exegesis DI3601 Module
Biblical Themes DI5433 Module
Christ, Paul, and the Origins of Christianity A (English Texts) DI2003 Module
Christ, Paul, and the Origins of Christianity B (Greek Texts) DI2013 Module
Christian Doctrine and the Arts DI5451 Module
Christian Ethics and Contemporary Society DI4827 Module
Christian Mysticism Through the Ages DI4526 Module
Christian Symbolics: Creeds and Confessions of Faith DI4930 Module
Christian Thought and Practice DI2000 Module
Christianity and Politics: Patriotism, Republicanism, and Cosmopolitanism DI4835 Module
Christianity and the Modern World DI2901 Module
Christology DI5525 Module
Christology in the Modern Age DI4918 Module
Church History Special Topic DI4511 Module
Church, Post-Colonial Theology and Globalization DI5910 Module
Citizenship: A Practical Theological Exploration DI4822 Module
Classical Hebrew 1 DI5153 Module
Communication in Divinity DI4015 Module
Creation and Chaos in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East DI4733 Module
Digital Faith DI5922 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s DI5099 Module
Early and Medieval Christianity DI2006 Module
Epistle to the Hebrews: English Text DI4628 Module
Epistle to the Hebrews: Greek Text DI4629 Module
From Adam to Apocalypse: The Bible and Western Culture DI1201 Module
From Nazareth to Nicaea: The Origins of Christian Theology DI5530 Module
God and Morality: Faith and Philosophy in the Scottish Enlightenment DI4634 Module
God and the World: Introducing Theology DI1001 Module
God in Biblical and Christian Theology DI4926 Module
Gospel of Matthew (English Texts) DI4608 Module
Gospel of Matthew (Greek Texts) DI4609 Module
Hebrew 1: Introduction to Hebrew Language DI1004 Module
Hebrew 2 DI2002 Module
Hebrew Prose and Poetry DI4700 Module
Hebrew Readings DI4726 Module
Hellenistic Greek Readings DI5156 Module
Holy Scripture, Sacred Earth: The Bible and Ecology DI3717 Module
Honours Dissertation in Divinity DI4501 Module
Honours Research in Divinity DI4502 Module
Introduction to Practical Theology and Theological Ethics DI1012 Module
Introduction to Theology DI1902 Module
Introduction to World Religions DI1009 Module
Jesus and the Gospels DI1006 Module
King and Messiah in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Second Temple Judaism DI4732 Module
Koine Greek 1 DI5151 Module
Koine Greek 2 DI5152 Module
Letters of Peter, James and Jude (English Texts) DI4600 Module
Medieval Monastic Spirituality DI4525 Module
Modern Theological Exegesis DI4821 Module
Music and the Sacred in Theory and Practice DI5601 Module
Native American Religions DI4831 Module
New Testament Greek 1 DI1005 Module
New Testament Greek 2 DI2201 Module
New Testament Special Topic DI4615 Module
Old Testament Special Topic DI4711 Module
Old Testament: Writings and Beyond A (English Texts) DI2001 Module
Old Testament: Writings and Beyond B (Hebrew Texts) DI2012 Module
Philosophical Theology DI2010 Module
Poetry and Prayer: an Introduction to the Psalms (English) DI4728 Module
Poetry and Prayer: an Introduction to the Psalms (Hebrew) DI4729 Module
Practical Criticism DI5453 Module
Practical Theology Special Topic - Child Ethics in an Adult World DI4805 Module
Public Theology DI5908 Module
Reading in Mediaeval Theology DI3702 Module
Reading in Patristic Theology DI3701 Module
Reading in Reformation and Early Modern Theology DI3703 Module
Reading in Second Temple Contexts DI3713 Module
Reading in the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible DI3711 Module
Reading in Theological Ethics DI3704 Module
Readings in Early Christian Greek Texts DI3716 Module
Religion and Violence DI4836 Module
Religion Today DI2011 Module
Religious Experience and Aesthetic Forms DI5452 Module
Religious Practices in Socio-Political Contexts DI3720 Module
Science, Religion, and the Mind DI1013 Module
Scottish Spirituality DI4524 Module
Scripture and Hermeneutics DI5221 Module
Social-Scientific Approaches to the New Testament DI4611 Module
Surveillance, Theology and the Bible DI5924 Module
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament DI5155 Module
The Art of Biblical Literature: Introducing the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament DI1003 Module
The Bible and Contemporary Issues DI5901 Module
The Bible and Diversity DI5920 Module
The Bible Through the Ages: History, Theology, and Hermeneutics DI3719 Module
The Book of Daniel DI4730 Module
The Book of Revelation DI5907 Module
The Book of Revelation: English and Greek Texts DI4627 Module
The Book of Revelation: English Texts only DI4626 Module
The Dead Sea Scrolls : English Texts DI4712 Module
The Dead Sea Scrolls : Hebrew Texts DI4713 Module
The Doctrine of Creation DI4834 Module
The Doctrine of the Trinity DI5533 Module
The Good Life and the Good Death: Theological and Practical Ethics DI5539 Module
The Gospel of Mark: English Text DI4630 Module
The Gospel of Mark: Greek Text DI4631 Module
The Pentateuch DI4715 Module
The Problem of Evil: Evolution, Tsunamis and God DI2008 Module
The Study of Theology DI4937 Module
The Theology of Karl Barth DI4916 Module
The Theology of the Musical DI4816 Module
The Wisdom Tradition in Ancient Israel A DI4707 Module
The Wisdom Tradition in Ancient Israel B DI4708 Module
Themes and Texts in Christian-Buddhist Dialogue DI4750 Module
Themes in Postcolonial Theology DI4826 Module
Theological Anthropology DI4928 Module
Theological Engagements with the Arts: Rationales, Methods and Texts DI5431 Module
Theological Issues in Medical Ethics DI5923 Module
Theology and Literature DI4936 Module
Theology and Pastoral Care DI4800 Module
Theology and the Arts DI5925 Module
Theology in 20th Century German Literature DI5527 Module
Theology in Africa DI4825 Module
Theology in Latin America DI4824 Module
Theology Special Topic DI4915 Module
Theology Special Topic DI4914 Module
Trinity, Personhood, and Participation in God DI4931 Module
Worship and the Word: Liturgy and Homiletics DI4823 Module

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