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Advanced Communication Networks and Systems CS4105 Module
Advanced Programming Projects CS2006 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS3105 Module
Artificial Intelligence (Special Subject) CS5019 Module
Artificial Intelligence Practice CS5011 Module
Artificial Intelligence Principles CS5010 Module
Complex systems modelling and simulation CS5928 Module
Component Technology CS3301 Module
Computational Complexity CS3052 Module
Computer Architecture CS4202 Module
Computer Graphics CS4102 Module
Computer Science (Special Subject) CS4499 Module
Computer Science Skills B CS1102 Module
Computer Security CS4203 Module
Computer Systems CS2002 Module
Computer Systems Fundamentals CS1007 Module
Concurrency & Multi-Core Architectures CS4204 Module
Constraint Programming CS4402 Module
Critical Systems Engineering CS5032 Module
Data and Information Visualisation CS5944 Module
Data Communications and Networks CS3102 Module
Data Encoding CS3302 Module
Data Ethics and Privacy CS5055 Module
Data-Driven Systems CS5939 Module
Data-Intensive Systems CS5052 Module
Databases CS3101 Module
Discrete Optimisation CS5929 Module
Dissertation in Computer Science CS5099 Module
Dissertation in Data Science CS5999 Module
Distributed Systems CS4103 Module
End-to-End Machine Learning CS5959 Module
Erasmus Mundus Dissertation in Dependable Software Systems CS5899 Module
Foundations of Computation CS2001 Module
Foundations of Computation (Accelerated) CS2101 Module
Group Project and Dissertation in Computer Science CS5098 Module
Human Computer Interaction CS3106 Module
Human Computer Interaction Principles and Methods CS5040 Module
Individual Masters Project CS5199 Module
Information Visualisation CS5044 Module
Interactive Software and Hardware CS5041 Module
Language and Computation CS5012 Module
Logic and Reasoning CS3050 Module
Logic and Software Verification CS4052 Module
Machine Learning CS5014 Module
Machine Learning Algorithms CS5914 Module
Major Software Project CS4099 Module
Masters Programming Projects CS5003 Module
Minor Software Project CS4098 Module
Networks & Distributed Systems (Special Subject) CS5029 Module
Numeric Optimisation CS5938 Module
Object Oriented Modelling, Design and Programming CS5001 Module
Object-Oriented Programming CS1002 Module
Operating Systems CS3104 Module
Principles of Computer Communication Systems CS5020 Module
Programming in Python CS5901 Module
Programming Language Design and Implementation CS4201 Module
Programming Principles and Practice CS5002 Module
Programming Projects CS1006 Module
Programming with Data CS1003 Module
Research methods in Data Science CS5922 Module
Signal Processing: Sound, Image, Video CS4302 Module
Software Architecture and Design CS5033 Module
Software Engineering (Special Subject) CS5039 Module
Software Engineering Practice CS5031 Module
Software Engineering Principles CS5030 Module
Software Engineering Team Project CS3099 Module
The Internet and the Web: Concepts and Programming CS2003 Module
User-Centred Interaction Design CS5042 Module
Video Games CS4303 Module
Visual Analytics CS4144 Module

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