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A People's History of Scottish Classics CL4466 Module
After Virgil: The Aeneid and its Reception CL4449 Module
Alexander the Great CL4436 Module
Animals in Greco-Roman Antiquity CL4438 Module
Approaching Women in Greek Tragedy CL4470 Module
Art of the Roman Empire CL4601 Module
Christian and Non-Christian Identities CL5412 Module
Christianity and the Classics: Conflict, Competition, Conservation CL4469 Module
Classical Collections CL4606 Module
Classical Panegyric CL5418 Module
Classical Studies: Interpretations and Receptions CL3304 Module
Classics and the Left CL4468 Module
Classics for the Modern World: interventions and applications CL4467 Module
Culture and Thought in the Late Roman Republic CL2004 Module
Death and Dying in Ancient Greece CL4429 Module
Dissertation (Long) in Classical Studies CL4998 Module
Dissertation (non-graduating) CL4997 Module
Dissertation (non-graduating) CL4996 Module
Dissertation (Short) in Ancient History, Ancient History & Archaeology, or Classical Studies CL4999 Module
Dissertation for MLitt Programme/s CL5099 Module
Early Greek Poetry and Philosophy CL2003 Module
Enacting Gender in Aristophanic Comedy CL5406 Module
Fame, Tradition and Narrative: Homer's Iliad CL4420 Module
Gender and Sexuality in Greek Literature CL4465 Module
Geography and Travel Writing in the Ancient World CL4426 Module
Greek and Roman Epic CL4447 Module
Greek and Roman Epic CL5424 Module
Greek and Roman Science CL4453 Module
Greek History and Material Culture CL5011 Module
Greek History and Material Culture (Language Option) CL5111 Module
Greek Literary Culture CL5022 Module
Greek Literary Culture (Language Option) CL5122 Module
Greek Painted Pottery CL4603 Module
Greek Sculpture CL4604 Module
Greek Theatre CL4435 Module
Herodotus CL4406 Module
Images of Augustan Rome CL1005 Module
Justice, politics and the good life: Plato's Republic and its critics in the ancient world CL4504 Module
Knowledge and the World in Hellenistic Philosophy CL4452 Module
Latin Literary Culture CL5021 Module
Latin Literary Culture (Language Option) CL5121 Module
Latin Literature and Roman Emperors CL4432 Module
Logos, Nature, and Psyche: the Origins of Western Thought CL4413 Module
Menander and Roman Comedy CL5416 Module
Modern Classics: Classics in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries CL4437 Module
Myth and Community in Ancient Greek Literature and Culture CL1004 Module
Performance Culture in the Roman Empire CL5410 Module
Philosophy in Rome CL5423 Module
Picture this: Ecphrasis in Classical Poetry CL4446 Module
Pleasure, Goodness and Happiness: Hellenistic Ethics CL4500 Module
Representations of Women in the Ancient World CL5401 Module
Research Training: Bibliographical and Reference Work 1 CL5301 Module
Research Training: Special Topic 1 CL5305 Module
Research Training: Special Topic 2 CL5306 Module
Responses to War: Civic Drama and Athenian Culture CL4416 Module
Roman Epic CL5419 Module
Roman History and Material Culture CL5012 Module
Roman History and Material Culture (Language Option) CL5112 Module
Roman Law and Culture CL5403 Module
Roman Literature and Queer Theory CL4473 Module
Roman Praise CL4455 Module
Scientific and Encyclopaedic Writing in the Roman World CL5420 Module
Teaching and Learning in Classics and Ancient History CL4990 Module
Ted Hughes and the Classics CL5421 Module
The Ancient and Modern Novel CL5409 Module
The Expansion of the Afterlife CL5422 Module
The Religious Sense in the Classical Roman World CL4464 Module
Themes and Methods in Classical Research 1 CL5001 Module
Themes and Methods in Classical Research 2 CL5002 Module
Themes and Methods in Classics CL5201 Module
Travels and Marvels in the Graeco-Roman World CL4463 Module
Visualising War and Peace in Antiquity CL4472 Module
Women in Ancient Societies CL4445 Module

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