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Advanced Main Group Chemistry CH4515 Module
Advanced Metal Chemistry and Green Chemistry CH4514 Module
Advanced Molecular Inorganic Chemistry CH5517 Module
Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry CH5615 Module
Advanced Spectroscopic Methods CH5711 Module
Asymmetric Synthesis CH5611 Module
Blockbuster Pharmaceuticals CH4612 Module
Blockbuster Solids CH5518 Module
Carbohydrate and Nucleic Acid Chemistry CH3613 Module
Chemical Biology CH5614 Module
Chemistry Distance Learning (Materials Chemistry) CH4453 Module
Chemistry Distance Learning (Organic Chemistry) CH4456 Module
Chemistry Distance Learning (Physical Chemistry) CH4458 Module
Chemistry of Materials CH3513 Module
Chemistry Project for Chemistry and Geoscience CH4448 Module
Chemistry Research Project CH4442 Module
Chemistry Research Project CH4444 Module
Chemistry Research Project for First Year MPhil CH5442 Module
Chemistry Research Project for Non-graduating Students CH4445 Module
Chemistry Research Project for Non-graduating Students CH4446 Module
Chemistry Research Project for Non-graduating Students CH4443 Module
Chemistry Research Skills Laboratory CH4421 Module
Chemistry Workshop CH3431 Module
Energy Conversion and Storage CH4712 Module
External Placement CH4441 Module
Functional Materials / Electrons in Solids CH5712 Module
Heterocyclic and Pericyclic Chemistry CH4614 Module
Homogeneous Catalysis CH5511 Module
Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 1 CH1402 Module
Inorganic Chemistry 2 CH2501 Module
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory CH3521 Module
Integrating Chemistry CH5461 Module
Integrating Chemistry CH4461 Module
Introduction to analysis of materials CH3715 Module
Introductory Chemistry for Second Year Direct Entry Students CH1202 Module
Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry CH1401 Module
Level 4000 Project for Chemistry/Pharmacology CH4447 Module
Materials Laboratory CH3722 Module
Materials Science Distance Learning CH4452 Module
MChem Distance Learning CH4451 Module
Mini Chemistry Project CH3441 Module
Molecular Recognition CH5616 Module
Nanostructured Materials CH5717 Module
Natural Products and Society CH4613 Module
Natural Products, Biosynthesis and Enzyme Co-factors CH5612 Module
Organic and Biological Chemistry 1 CH1601 Module
Organic Chemistry 2 CH2601 Module
Organic Chemistry 2 (French) CH2603 Module
Organic Chemistry Laboratory CH3621 Module
Organometallic Chemistry CH3512 Module
Physical Chemistry 2 CH2701 Module
Physical Chemistry Laboratory CH3721 Module
Physical Inorganic Chemistry CH3514 Module
Quantitative Aspects of Medicinal Chemistry CH3716 Module
Quantum Theory of Atoms, Molecules and Solids. CH3712 Module
Reactive Intermediates CH5613 Module
Research Project CH5441 Module
Statistical Mechanics and Computational Chemistry CH3717 Module
Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics CH5714 Module
Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis CH5713 Module
Synthetic Methodology CH3612 Module
The Impact of Chemistry CH1301 Module

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