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Advanced Biochemistry BL3324 Module
Advanced Biological Statistics BL5442 Module
Advanced Modelling BL5323 Module
Advanced Topics in Evolution BL4286 Module
Animal Behaviour BL2312 Module
Animal Behaviour: a quantitative approach BL3319 Module
Animal Cognition BL5441 Module
Animal Cognition BL4289 Module
Animal communication and cognition BL4281 Module
Antimicrobials - Mode of Action and Resistance BL4211 Module
Applied Ecology BL5008 Module
Applied Molecular Biology BL2309 Module
Applied Physiology of Sports BL4245 Module
Aquaculture - Products and Markets BL2803 Module
Aquaculture and Fisheries BL4801 Module
Aquatic Ecology BL3308 Module
Bacterial Virulence Factors BL4215 Module
Basic Biochemistry Laboratory BL3322 Module
Basic Concepts in Mathematical and Statistical Analysis BL5021 Module
Biochemistry BL2306 Module
Bioethics BL4293 Module
Biological Oceanography BL4260 Module
Biology 1 BL1101 Module
Biology 2 BL1102 Module
Biology and Behaviour of Social Insects BL4282 Module
Biology for Aquaculture BL4802 Module
Biology Literature Review BL3902 Module
Biology of Marine Mammals BL5201 Module
Biology of Marine Organisms BL3318 Module
Biology of Organisms BL1002 Module
Biomolecular Sciences Public Engagement BL4294 Module
Breeding Systems and Sexual Conflict BL4284 Module
Case Studies in Environmental Biology BL5018 Module
Case Studies in Marine Mammal Biology BL5202 Module
Cell Biology BL2301 Module
Cell Biology and Genetics BL1001 Module
Cell Systems BL2305 Module
Cellular Aspects of Development BL4242 Module
Co-evolution: Living Together BL3316 Module
Complex Systems in Animal Behaviour BL4285 Module
Computational Genomics BL4273 Module
Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals BL5104 Module
Conservation Biology BL5011 Module
Conservation Field Research Methods; Sampling Individuals and Communities BL4267 Module
Conservation Research Methods BL4266 Module
Current Issues in Biologging BL5122 Module
Current Issues in Marine Mammal Behaviour BL5121 Module
Current Topics in Biology BL3901 Module
Ecology BL2307 Module
Ecosystems and Conservation BL3309 Module
Environmental Biology BL2901 Module
Environmental Drivers of Marine Habitats BL4262 Module
Environmental Genomics BL5012 Module
Environmental Microbiology and Ecotoxicology BL5013 Module
Environmental Physiology BL3306 Module
Essential Methods in Marine Mammal Science I BL5111 Module
Essential Methods in Marine Mammal Science II BL5112 Module
Essential scientific skills and legislation BL5015 Module
Evolution BL3307 Module
Evolution and Human Behaviour BL4280 Module
Evolutionary Biology BL2303 Module
Evolutionary Developmental Biology BL4274 Module
Experimental Research Project BL4201 Module
Field Course BL3000 Module
Fish and Invertebrate Biology BL2802 Module
Fisheries Research BL4254 Module
Foraging in Marine Mammals BL4258 Module
Forensic Biology BL4221 Module
Gene Regulation BL3302 Module
Genes, Cells and Development BL3315 Module
History of Genetics and Evolution BL4292 Module
How enzymes work BL4212 Module
Human Physiology of Diving BL4248 Module
Icelandic Ecology: Conservation and Sustainable Development BL4269 Module
Infection and Disease BL3311 Module
Invertebrate Zoology BL2304 Module
Lab Techniques in Exercise Physiology BL4244 Module
Literature-based Research Project BL4200 Module
Management, Husbandry and Sustainability BL5802 Module
Managing Marine Resources for Sustainability BL5322 Module
Marine Biocoustics BL4256 Module
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function BL5321 Module
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function BL5311 Module
Marine Biotechnology BL4255 Module
Marine Ecology and Physiology BL5010 Module
Marine Invertebrate Larval Ecology BL4257 Module
Marine Mammal Science Research Project BL5199 Module
Marine Mammals and Man BL4259 Module
Marine Systems II BL5302 Module
Marine Systems Research Methods BL5303 Module
Marine Systems Science Research Project BL5399 Module
Membranes and Cell Communication BL3303 Module
Metabolic and Clinical Biochemistry BL4222 Module
Molecular and cell biology of eukaryotic DNA replication BL4223 Module
Molecular Biology BL2302 Module
Molecular Mechanisms of Degenerative Diseases BL4220 Module
Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Trafficking BL4224 Module
Molecular Virology BL4213 Module
Motorneurons: From Physiology to Pathology BL4235 Module
Networks in Biology BL4290 Module
Neurodegeneration and Aging BL4230 Module
Neuromodulation BL4231 Module
Neuroscience BL3313 Module
Organisms to Ecosystems: Anthropogenic Impacts BL5324 Module
Pharmacology BL3312 Module
Physiology and Pathology of Human Aging BL4233 Module
Plant Responses to their Environment BL5009 Module
Plant-environment Interactions BL4270 Module
Population Biology of Marine Mammals BL5103 Module
Practical Module in Whole Animal Physiology BL4247 Module
Practical Skills for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry BL4210 Module
Protein Structure and Function BL3301 Module
Research Methods in Biology BL2300 Module
Research Project BL5019 Module
Research project in Museum Studies BL4202 Module
Rewilding and Restoration Ecology BL4272 Module
Science, Museums and the Public BL4291 Module
Scientific Communication in Biodiversity and Conservation BL4268 Module
Scientific Diving BL4249 Module
Speciation BL4276 Module
Statistical and Quantitative Skills for Biologists BL3320 Module
Stress Physiology of Fish BL4250 Module
Structure-based Drug Discovery BL4216 Module
Studying Marine Mammals in the Wild: A field course in Iceland BL4261 Module
Studying Marine Mammals in the Wild: A field course in Iceland BL5123 Module
Synaptic Transmission BL4234 Module
Systems Physiology BL4238 Module
Terrestrial Zoology BL3323 Module
The Dynamics of Ecological Systems BL4265 Module
The Global Aquaculture Industry BL1801 Module
The Physiology of Endurance Performance BL4243 Module
The Science of Race and Racism BL4214 Module
Tropical Marine Biology BL4251 Module
Tropical Marine Systems BL5301 Module
Vertebrate Zoology BL2308 Module

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