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Ancient Empires AN1003 Module
Ancient Empires AN4152 Module
Approaches to Ancient History AN3034 Module
Archaic Greece AN4132 Module
Archaic to Early Medieval Sparta AN5135 Module
Army and Society in the Roman World AN5121 Module
Athens in the Fifth Century AN5106 Module
Belief and Unbelief in Classical Greek Religion AN4433 Module
Britain within the Roman Empire AN5118 Module
Cicero and the invention of Roman political thought AN5116 Module
Cities and Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean AN1004 Module
Critical Bibliography AN5002 Module
Death and burial in Roman Italy and the Western Provinces AN4148 Module
Democratic thought at Athens and its legacy AN5107 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s AN5099 Module
Early Greece between Egypt and Anatolia AN4429 Module
Egypt at the Crossroads: Multiculturalism in Late Antiquity AN4159 Module
Eight Scenes from the Life of Alexander AN4428 Module
Experiencing the Gods in Ancient Greece AN4434 Module
Floods, famines, plagues and volcanoes: Roman adaptation to the environment AN4430 Module
Government and Society under Diocletian AN4147 Module
Greek and Roman Warfare AN5101 Module
Greek Tyranny AN4141 Module
In the Footsteps of the Ancients: Exploring the Archaeology and Topography of Greece AA4127 Module
Integrated Study Abroad (Athens) AN5003 Module
Integrated Study Abroad (Rome) AN5004 Module
Julius Caesar AN4118 Module
Knossos: Minoan to Early Mediaeval AN5136 Module
Local Communities under Empire in Ancient Persia, 550-330 BCE AN4158 Module
Macedonia from Alexander I to Alexander III AN5138 Module
Magic in the Graeco-Roman World AN4432 Module
Mediterranean Communities AN2003 Module
Monumental Art in Rome and the Provinces AN5117 Module
Networks and Islands: The Archaeology of the Cyclades AN4425 Module
Persia and the Greeks AN4106 Module
Poverty and Social Life in Late Antiquity AN4431 Module
Religion and Society in the Ancient Greek World AN5103 Module
Religious Communities in the Late Antique World AN4155 Module
Roman and non-Roman in the West, AD 350 - 476 AN5126 Module
Roman Athens and Corinth AN5134 Module
Roman self-fashioning AN5113 Module
Roman Slavery AN4426 Module
Rome and her Eastern Neighbours AN5124 Module
Rome and the Mediterranean AN1002 Module
Speaking Prose: Demosthenes and the Hidden Text AN5127 Module
The Archaeology of Greek Religion AN5132 Module
The Archaeology of the City of Athens AN5131 Module
The Archaeology of the City of Rome AN5112 Module
The Archaeology of the Hellenistic World AN5133 Module
The Culture of Roman Imperialism AN4110 Module
The Disintegration of the Roman Empire AN4108 Module
The Emperor Constantine and the World of Late Antiquity AN5129 Module
The Environmental History of the Ancient Mediterranean World AN4157 Module
The Etruscans AN4151 Module
The Greeks in a Wider World AN1001 Module
The Rise of Rome. Early Italy from Prehistory to the First Punic War AN4435 Module
The Roman Economy AN4131 Module
The Roman Empire AN2002 Module
The Supremacy of Greece: Athens and Sparta 479–362 BCE AN4146 Module
The Triumph of Christianity AN4107 Module
Tyranny and Kingship in the Ancient Mediterranean AN5137 Module
Water History of the Ancient World AN4436 Module

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