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'No day without a line': The Etching Revival in Britain: 1830-1930 AH3905 Module
30-Credit Dissertation in Art History AH4099 Module
60-Credit Dissertation in Art History AH4097 Module
A History of the Dome, from the Pantheon to the Millenium AH4150 Module
A Survey of Islamic Art AH3131 Module
African Modernisms AH4226 Module
Alternative Format Dissertation: Cataloguing Collections AH5300 Module
Approaches to Art History AH3130 Module
Approaches to Persian Painting and the Arts of the Book AH4050 Module
Art and Politics in France, 1945-1975 AH4078 Module
Art and Politics in the Trecento AH5085 Module
Art and Technology AH5162 Module
Art and the Holocaust AH5090 Module
Art and the Ocean: Aesthetics, Materiality, and Ecology, ca. 1500-1800 AH4178 Module
Art c.1900 AH5161 Module
Art History and Environmental Crisis AH4252 Module
Art History in the Studio: Process, Materials, Technique AH5169 Module
Art in Europe and Beyond to 1600 AH1001 Module
Art in Europe and Beyond, 1600-1800 AH1003 Module
Art in the Modern Period AH2901 Module
Art in the Portuguese world, circa 1400–1750 AH4209 Module
Art Nouveau in Western Europe AH4124 Module
Art, Culture and Politics from 1900 to Now AH2002 Module
Art, Science and Technology 1700-1900 AH4191 Module
Art, Theatre and Performance in France 1600-1800 AH4222 Module
Aspects of American Art in the Modern Period AH3116 Module
Aspects of Japanese Visual Culture, 1820-1920 AH4265 Module
Aspects of Modern Photography, 1910-1950 AH4142 Module
Aspects of Surrealism AH4087 Module
Bernini AH5122 Module
Bibliography for Art History or History of Photography AH5102 Module
Body / Politics: Performance Art Since 1960 AH4214 Module
British Design and Decorative Art, 1750 - 1915 AH4201 Module
Byzantium 330-1453: Art, Religion and Imperial Power AH4205 Module
Central European Art, Architecture and Design, c. 1900 AH3104 Module
Childhood in Western Art: Image and Interpretation AH4217 Module
Classicism in Western Art: the Legacy of Greece and Rome AH4147 Module
Collecting Chinese Art: Histories and Practices AH3134 Module
Collections and their depiction in the early modern period AH5120 Module
Communication in Art History AH4235 Module
Community Heritage and Sustainability AH5605 Module
Contemporary Art and the Ethics of Fieldwork AH4215 Module
Cubism: Picasso and Braque 1907-1914 AH4125 Module
Cultures of Collection and Display ca. 1851 to the Present Day AH4212 Module
Current Issues in Renaissance Art AH5094 Module
Dada and Surrealism AH4213 Module
Decolonial, Feminist, Queer: Histories of Art in Britain Since 1945 AH4253 Module
Decorating and Furnishing the Country House, 1700-1830 AH4162 Module
Digital Content and the Museum AH0001 Module
Dissertation for M.Litt. Programme/s AH5099 Module
English Art and Modernism AH4196 Module
European Gothic Architecture 1140-1540 AH3118 Module
European Romanesque Architecture (800-1160) AH5194 Module
Experimental Art of the 1960s AH5190 Module
From Hogarth to Sickert: British Painting and the Theatre (1740 - 1930) AH3904 Module
Gauguin and Primitivism AH4161 Module
Giorgione AH5083 Module
Gothic Manuscript Decoration: Culture and Context AH5093 Module
Histories of Photography, 1835-1905 AH3121 Module
Histories of Photography, 1835-1905 AH4166 Module
Images and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe AH4236 Module
Images of Empire AH4192 Module
Imperial Lens: Readings in Nineteenth-Century Asian Photography AH5141 Module
Interpreting Museum Collections and Displays AH0002 Module
Issues in Photographic Criticism AH5146 Module
Latin American Modernisms AH4250 Module
Leonardo da Vinci, 500 Years Later AH4241 Module
Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael as Draughtsmen AH4159 Module
Manuscript Illumination in Western Europe AH4172 Module
Michelangelo: Sculptor, Painter, Architect AH4185 Module
Modern Art Beyond the West AH3196 Module
Modernity, Empire, and Revolution: Art from 1789-1900 AH2001 Module
Museums and Audiences AH4254 Module
Northern Renaissance Art AH4080 Module
Object Lessons in Photography AH5140 Module
Objects of Devotion: The Art and Material Culture of Mediaeval Christianity AH4177 Module
Orientalism and Visual Culture AH4148 Module
Ottoman Art and Architecture AH4260 Module
Palladio and Palladianism (c.1540 - c.1800) AH4145 Module
Patronage and Collecting at the Courts of Charles I and Philip IV AH4077 Module
Photography as Contemporary Art AH4180 Module
Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela AH4174 Module
Postmodernism and Contemporary Art in Latin America AH4251 Module
Principles and Protagonists of Italian Renaissance Architecture AH4182 Module
Raphael and His Reception AH4206 Module
Realism and Symbolism in Russian Art 1860-1910 AH4130 Module
Representation and the Body AH5163 Module
Romanticism and Visuality 1780-1830 AH4190 Module
Rubens and Rembrandt: Parallel Worlds AH4076 Module
School: Images, Spaces, Artefacts and Ideas of Learning AH5142 Module
Scotland and the Arts of Africa AH4227 Module
Scottish Photography and its Context AH4139 Module
Sculpture and Society in Early Renaissance Italy c. 1260-1400 AH4134 Module
Sculpture in Italy from Donatello to Verrocchio AH4135 Module
Sculpture Studies: British Mediaeval Sculpture, 1066-1531 AH5191 Module
Seeing the Sixties AH4156 Module
Spanish Painting in the Age of Velázquez AH3235 Module
Symbolism, Decadence and Modernity AH4167 Module
The 'New Vision' in Twentieth-Century European Photography AH5111 Module
The Age of Vermeer: Dutch Genre Painting in the Seventeenth Century AH4157 Module
The Architecture of the Scottish Mediaeval Church AH4149 Module
The Art and Visual Culture of the Global HIV/AIDS epidemic AH4246 Module
The Art of the Apocalypse from the Middle Ages to the Present AH4184 Module
The Art of War: Battle, Rivalry, Paragone, 1400-1700 AH4240 Module
The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain, 1860-1916 AH4129 Module
The Arts of Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages AH4171 Module
The Book as Object and Idea AH5164 Module
The Classical Tradition AH5165 Module
The Country, City and Society in Nineteenth Century French Art AH3902 Module
The Digital Museum: Past, Present and Future AH5606 Module
The Documentary Impulse AH5168 Module
The French Avant-Garde from Realism to Impressionism AH4221 Module
The Image of the Artist AH5166 Module
The Intersectional Body in Art since the 1960s AH4245 Module
The New Style in Eastern Europe: Art Nouveau and National Romanticism 1890-1914 AH4131 Module
The Portrait in Western Art AH4208 Module
The Relief AH3132 Module
The Revival of Greece and Rome: Classicism in Early Modern Europe AH3903 Module
The Scandinavian Art of Building and Design: Identity and Myth AH4081 Module
Themes in Art History AH5100 Module
Thomas Chippendale and Scotland AH5079 Module
Titian and His Age AH4132 Module
To School? Learning: Artistic Impressions and Architectural Solutions AH4152 Module
Tradition and Subversion: Topics in Nineteenth-Century French Art AH3133 Module
Venetian Art in the Age of Reform AH4133 Module
Vernacular Photography: History, Theory, Representation and Display AH5143 Module
Walter Richard Sickert and European Art c. 1880 - 1940 AH3901 Module
Western Art from Renaissance to Baroque AH1901 Module
William Morris AH5081 Module
Women Artists and Autobiography AH3112 Module
Writing on the Visual AH5167 Module
Wyndham Lewis and the politics of modernism AH4107 Module
‘Ajab: The Aesthetics of Wonder in Islamic Art AH4051 Module

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