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  1. NB: The following sections provide a selection of reading material as a starting point for your own independent reading and personal exploration of the area. You are expected to seek out further reading material in books, academic and professional journals, and online resources where necessary and/or appropriate.

  2. Part I - Challenging Prominent Perspectives on Management 30 items
    1. Week 1 7 items
      1. Building the responsible enterprise: where vision and values add value - Sandra Waddock, Andreas Rasche, Ebooks Corporation 2012 (electronic book)

        Book  NB: This is useful for reflecting on the visions and ambitions of 'responsible enterprise' - don't take at face value but critically examine the ideas proposed!

    2. Week 2 13 items
      1. Politics, economics, and welfare - Robert Alan Dahl, Charles Edward Lindblom c1992


    3. Week 3 10 items
      1. Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st-century economist - Kate Raworth 2017

        Book Essential Introduction: Who wants to be an economist?, pp. 1-30 digitised

      2. The spirit level: why equality is better for everyone - Richard G. Wilkinson, Kathleen Gordon Pickett 2010


  3. Part II - The 'New' Frontiers of Management: old idea(l)s revisited 10 items
    1. Week 4 10 items
      1. Social enterprise - Giulia Galera, Carlo Borzaga 2009


    2. Week 6 0 items
    3. Week 7 0 items
    4. Week 8 0 items
    5. Week 9 0 items
    6. Week 10 0 items
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