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  1. Unit 1 - Thomas Merton: Living out the Bible in the Contemporary World 10 items
    1. Required Reading 5 items
      1. Thomas Merton - Thomas Merton December 29, 2000 (Paperback)

        Book  You should purchase this book.

      2. Mystics - William Harmless 19/12/2007

        Webpage  “Mystic as Fire Watcher: Thomas Merton”, pp.19-40

      3. Opening the Bible - Thomas Merton 1986

        Chapter  Introduction, pp. 12-18. (The whole thing is good and inexpensive!)

    2. Supplementary Reading 5 items
  2. Unit 2 – Announcing God in Contemporary Culture 11 items
    1. Required Reading / Viewing 5 items
      1. The religious film: Christianity and the hagiopic - Pamela Grace, Wiley Online Library (Online service) 2009 (electronic book)

        Book  See ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-15 and ‘Chapter 7: The Alternative Hagiopic’, pp. 103-19.

      2. A certain realism: making use of Pasolini's film theory and practice - Maurizio Sanzio Viano, American Council of Learned Societies 1993 (electronic book)

        Book  See ‘Authorial Intertext’, pp. 1-17. See also, on La ricotta, pp. 99-110 and, on The Gospel according to Matthew, pp. 132-45.

      3. Cinéma divinité: religion, theology and the Bible in film - Eric S. Christianson, Peter Francis, William R. Telford 2005

        Chapter  William R. Telford, ‘Through a Lens Darkly: Critical Approaches to Theology and Film’, pp.15-43

    2. Supplementary Reading 6 items
      1. El Decameron (1971) - Pier Paulo Pasalni

        Audio-visual document  We are aware that this doesn't have English subtitles but George Corbett will explain relevance at the study week.

      2. The Canterbury Tales Paolo Pasolini 1972 - Video Dailymotion - Pasolini, Pier Paulo

        Webpage  George Corbett will explain relevance of extracts at the study week.

      3. Reel spirituality: theology and film in dialogue - Robert K Johnston c2000

        Book  Robert K. Johnston, ‘Chapter 8: Responding to Movies Theologically’, pp. 151-72 (and pp. 205-07)

      4. Explorations in theology and film: movies and meaning - Clive Marsh, Gaye W. Oritz 1997

        Chapter  Chapter - Clive Marsh, ‘Film and Theologies of Culture’

      5. New image of religious film - John R. May 1997

        Chapter  John R. May, ‘Contemporary Theories Regarding the Interpretation of Religious Film’, pp. 17-37.

      6. Heretical empiricism - Pier Paolo Pasolini, ed. Louise K. Barnett, trans. Ben Lawton 2005

        Book  pp. xxiii-xxiv and pp. 244-75. Photocopy to be provided.

  3. Unit 3 - Anxiety, Depression and the Christian Faith: Toward A Biblical Theology of Sorrow 11 items
    1. Required Reading 5 items
      1. The noonday demon: an anatomy of depression - Andrew Solomon 2002

        Chapter  pp,15-38

      2. Darkness is my only companion: a Christian response to mental illness - Kathryn Greene-McCreight 2015

        Book  pp. 83--91, 113--129. [Note: e-book only permits access by one person at a time. Please download the section you want to read, then close the page.]

    2. Supplementary Reading 6 items
      1. Institutes of the Christian Religion - Jean Calvin

        Book  III.viii-x. (This links takes you to viii, then continue to x.)

      2. The anatomy of melancholy: Vol.1: Text - Robert Burton, Thomas C. Faulkner, Nicolas K. Kiessling, Rhonda L. Blair 1989

        Book  Vol 1, i-ii Also available online:

      3. The courage to be - Paul Tillich 1962

        Book  Chapter 1

  4. Unit 4 – Radical Hermeneutics 15 items
    1. Required Reading 6 items
      1. A Gentile Woman's Story - Sharon H. Ringe


      2. The Gospel of Matthew - Elaine Wainwright


    2. Supplementary Reading 5 items
    3. Other items of interest 4 items
      1. Queer Theory - Laurel C. Schneider


      2. Mujerista Theology: Biblical Interpretation and Political Theology - F. F. Segovia 2011

        Article  E-journal article. To access from off campus: click 'Sign In' > click 'Login via your institution' > for Location choose 'UK Access Management Federation' > select institution as University of St Andrews > sign in with your university username and password > search for article

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