This list relates to the 2017-18 which ended on 18/08/2018
  1. Readings and Additional Resources 7 items
    This module does not have any required books for purchase. An electronic reading list is accessible via MMS and the Library site. Journal articles are also available via the Library’s e-resources. Students seeking additional background on topics covered in this module may wish to consult one or more handbooks on international criminal law and/or the International Criminal Court. I would especially recommend:
    1. International criminal law (3rd ed.) - Antonio Cassese [et al.] 2013


    2. Routledge handbook of international criminal law - William Schabas, Nadia Bernaz 2011


  2. Other resources 2 items
    1. Journals 1 item
      Some relevant academic journals on international criminal law and related issues include the following
      1. African Journal of Legal Studies

        Criminal Law Forum

        European Journal of International Law

        Human Rights Quarterly

        International Criminal Law Review

        International Journal of Transitional Justice

        Journal of Human Rights

        Journal of International Criminal Justice

        Leiden Journal of International Law

        New Criminal Law Review

        The American Journal of International Law

        The International Journal of Human Rights

    2. Online resources 1 item
      Websites and blogs that address key issues covered in this module:
  3. Required Weekly Readings. 55 items
    Please note: a list of optional, supplemental readings for each weekly topic is available on the module MMS page. Students seeking additional background or detailed analysis on specific issues may wish to consult this list. You are strongly encouraged to sign-up for the CICC’s weekly “Global Justice” newsletter which provides brief updates on current developments in international criminal justice and human rights (
    1. 1. Introduction to the module 5 items
      1. International Criminal Courts - Antonio Cassese et al.


    2. 2. The pursuit of justice & The legal scope and structure of the ICC 5 items
      1. Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

        Document  [Read Preamble and Parts 1-3 and 9; skim the rest.]

      2. The Court Becomes Operational - William Schabas

        Chapter  In Schabas, An introduction to the ICC, 5th ed., 2017

    3. 3. Negotiating the Rome Statute 5 items
    4. 4. The United States: Resistance and engagement 6 items
      1. The Obama Administration's Evolving Policy Toward the International Criminal Court - American Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition for the International Criminal Court 2011


      2. The United States and the International Criminal Court: A Complicated, Uneasy, Yet at Times Engaging Relationship - Mark A. Drumbl, Leila Nadya Sadat 2016

        Article  [Read Sections I and II; skim Sections III-VIII for key points only.]

    5. 5. Transnational civil society: The Coalition for the International Criminal Court 5 items
      1. Transnational Advocacy and Accountability - Michael Bluman Schroeder, Alana Tiemessen


    6. 6. Independent Learning Week 1 item
      1. There is no teaching (lecture or tutorial sessions) during this week, and office hours are cancelled. Students should use this study week to consolidate their understanding of topics covered thus far, catch-up on readings, and begin work on their policy report.

    7. 7. The ICC as an IGO: The Assembly of States Parties 5 items
      1. Proposed Programme Budget for 2016 of the International Criminal Court: Executive Summary." ICC-ASP/14/10/Add.1 - Assembly of States Parties Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 2015

        Document  [Skim for key points.]

      2. The International Criminal Court at risk - Elizabeth Evenson, Jonathan O’Donohue 2015


      3. The ICC and the ASP - Jonathan O’Donohue


    8. 8. The ICC as a court: the law and politics of international criminal trials 5 items
    9. 9. Contemporary challenges: Africa and the ICC 8 items
      1. The ICC and the AU - Anton Du Plessis, Ottilia Anna Maunganidze


      2. The AU, the ICC, and the Prosecution of African Presidents - Abel S. Knottnerus

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book

      3. The ICC and Africa: Rhetoric, Hypocrisy Management, and Legitimacy - Lee Seymour

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book

    10. 10. The impact of the ICC: Punishment, deterrence, and domestic change 5 items
      1. Can the International Criminal Court Deter Atrocity? - Hyeran Jo, Beth A. Simmons FirstView (July) 2016

        Article  [Focus on the logic of the argument, and skim the statistical discussion.]

      2. The (In)compatibility of Peace and Justice? The International Criminal Court and Civil Conflict Termination - Alyssa K. Prorok

        Article  [Focus on the logic of the argument, and skim the statistical discussion.]

    11. 11. Justice for whom? Victims, affected communities, and accountability 5 items
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