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  1. Journals particularly useful for independent research on surveillance. 2 items
  2. Unit 1 – ‘Surveillance’ in the Bible 9 items
    1. Core reading 4 items
      1. Surveillance After Snowden - David Lyon 2015

        Book  Students should purchase a copy of this text

      2. Why is everyday surveillance a religious issue? - David Lyon 2016

        Audio-visual document Recommended Audio recording of a lecture as part of the Surveillance and Religion Research Network

    2. Supplementary reading 5 items
      1. Discipline and punish: the birth of the prison - Michel Foucault 1995

        Book  Part Three, Chapter Three ‘Panopticism’, pp. 195-228.

      2. The surveillant assemblage - Kevin D. Haggerty, Richard V. Ericson 2000


  3. Unit 2 – Relational Knowledge and Privacy 11 items
    1. Core reading 5 items
      1. Keeping God's silence: towards a theological ethics of communication - Rachel Muers 2004

        Book  Read: Chapter 7 ‘Privacy, Omniscience and the Silence of God’

      2. Does God Violate Your Right to Privacy? - Charles Taliaferro 1989


      3. God and Privacy - Margaret Falls-Corbitt 1992


      4. The Nothing-to-Hide Argument - Daniel J. Solove


    2. Supplementary reading 6 items
      1. Privacy in context: technology, policy, and the integrity of social life - Helen Fay Nissenbaum 2010

        Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book

      2. Understanding privacy - Daniel J. Solove 2009

        Book  Read: Chapter 2 ‘Theories of Privacy and Their Shortcomings’

  4. Unit 3 – (In)visibility in the Bible 12 items
    1. Core reading 6 items
      1. Statistical Surveillance: Remote Sensing in the Digital Age - Oscar Gandy Jr

        Chapter  In e-book of Routledge Handbook of Surveillance Studies > 7. Surveillance as Sorting > Surveillance Techniques (starts on page 125)

      2. Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy - Cathy O'Neil 2017

        Book Essential Chapter 'Civilian Casualties: Justice in the Age of Big Data'

      3. The ethics of surveillance: an introduction - Kevin Macnish 2018

        Book Essential Chapter 'Social Welfare'

      4. Wolves in the airport: Jesus’ critique of purity as a challenge to twenty-first-century surveillance - Eric Stoddart 2018

        Article  If you have difficulty retrieving this from the Taylor & Francis website then simply search for this article via SEEKER and you'll be able to download it from there.

    2. Supplementary reading 6 items
      1. From Dangerousness to Risk - Robert Castel


  5. Unit 4 – Church and surveillance / theologies of technology 11 items
    1. Core reading 6 items
      1. The technological society - Jacques Ellul, trans. John Wilkinson 1965

        Book  Read: Chapter 2 ‘The Characterology of Technique’.

      2. Power failure: Christianity in the culture of technology - Albert Borgmann 2003

        Book  Read: Chapter 5 ‘Power and Care’

      3. Technology and human becoming - Philip J. Hefner 2003

        Book  (Recommended for purchase by students – available very cheaply secondhand or in a Kindle edition from Amazon for £4.99.)

      4. A Mighty Fortress is our God: Selling Surveillance in the Bible Belt

        Chapter  Note: only 1 user at a time can access this e-book: please download/print the chapter and exit the e-book so that other members of the class can access it.

    2. Supplementary reading 5 items
      1. The meaning of the city - Jacques Ellul, trans. Dennis Pardee 1970

        Book  Read: Chapter 5 ‘True Horizons’

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