This list relates to the 2015-16 which ended on 31/07/2016
  1. Key readings 26 items
    1. Kings and colonists: aspects of Macedonian imperialism - Richard A. Billows 1995

      Book  Chapter 6 digitised

    2. The Persians: an introduction - Maria Brosius 2006

      Book  Chapter 2

    3. The culture and social institutions of ancient Iran - M. A. Dandamaev, Vladimir Grigorʹevich Lukonin, Philip L. Kohl, D. J. Dadson 1989

      Book  pp. 96-116

    4. Writing Ancient Persia - Thomas Harrison 2011


    5. Space, geography, and politics in the early Roman empire - Claude Nicolet, Hélène Leclerc c1991


    6. The Elephantine papyri in English: three millennia of cross-cultural continuity and change - Bezalel Porten, Cary J. Martin, Günther Vittmann, Leslie S. B. MacCoull 2011


    7. From Samarkhand to Sardis: a new approach to the Seleucid Empire - Amelie Kuhrt, Susan M. Sherwin-White 1993

      Book  Chapter 6 digitised. (Good on the spread of Greek culture)

    8. Seleucid Babylonia: A case study for the installation and development of Greek rule - S Sherwin-White

      Chapter  (Good on use of local idions in Babylonia)

    9. The administration of the Achaemenid empire - C. Tuplin

      Chapter  (Dense but very useful)

    10. Ancient Persia from 550 BC to 650 AD - Josef Wiesehöfer, Azizeh Azodi 1996

      Book  Chapters 1-4

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