This list relates to the 2016-17 which ended on 31/07/2017
This list has been archived
  1. Set texts 5 items
    1. Herzog Ernst: ein mittelalterliches Abenteuerbuch - Karl Bartsch, Bernhard Sowinski [2009], 1970

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    2. Wigalois: Text der Ausgabe von J.M.N. Kapteyn - J. M. N. Kapteyn, Sabine Heimann-Seelbach, Ulrich Seelbach, Wirnt 2014

      Book  Available in the library and as an e-book.

    3. Von dem verlornen redenten gulden - Hans Sachs

      Article  Also available via Google Scholar. See below.

    4. Ovids Metamorphosen

      Article  (Ovid Buch VI ch.1 & 2) in: Wickram, Georg, Sämtliche Werke.

  2. Additional Set Reading 6 items
    1. 101 Nacht - Claudia Ott 2014


    2. The gift: the form and reason for exchange in archaic societies - Marcel Mauss, W. D. Halls 1990

      Book  Read: ‘Introduction’ (pp. 1-7) and ‘Ch. 1 The exchange of gifts and the obligation to reciprocate’ (pp. 8-18). Available in the library and as an e-book.

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