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  1. NB: The following sections provide a selection of reading material as a starting point for your own independent reading and personal exploration of the area. You are expected to seek out further reading material in books, academic and professional journals, and online resources where necessary and/or appropriate.

  2. Part I - Challenging Prominent Perspectives on Management 15 items
    1. Week 1 6 items
    2. Week 2 9 items
      1. Utopia as method: The imaginary reconstitution of society - Ruth Levitas 2013 (electronic book)

        Book Recommended Especially the introduction and chapter 1.

      2. Fool's gold?: Utopianism in the twenty-first century - Lucy Sargisson 2012 (electronic book)

        Book Recommended Chapter 1.

      3. The spirit level: why equality is better for everyone - Richard G. Wilkinson, Kathleen Gordon Pickett 2010

        Book Optional

      4. New spirits of capitalism: crises, justifications, and dynamics - Paul Du Gay, Glenn Morgan 2013 (electronic book)

        Book Optional

      5. The new spirit of capitalism - Luc Boltanski, Eve Chiapello, Gregory Elliott 2005

        Book Optional

    3. Week 3 0 items
  3. Part II - The 'New' Frontiers of Management: old idea(l)s revisited 13 items
    1. Week 4 13 items
      1. The Library has a diversity of books and resources on the nonprofit sector. The below provides you with a selection of useful references but please feel free to read and explore more widely. Please note that you are not expected to read the nonprofit books in their entirety: dipping into these will broaden your horizon and help the development of your critical thinking.

      2. The Paradox of Civil Society - Michael W. Foley, Bob Edwards 1996

        Article Recommended

      3. The third sector in Europe - Adalbert Evers, Jean-Louis Laville 2004 (electronic book)

        Book Recommended

      4. Handbook of research on nonprofit economics and management - Bruce A. Seaman, Dennis R. Young 2010

        Book Recommended

      5. The nonprofit sector: a research handbook - Walter W. Powell, Richard Steinberg 2006


      6. Defining the third sector in Europe - A. Evers, J.-L. Laville

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

    2. Week 5 0 items
    3. Week 6 0 items
    4. Week 7 0 items
    5. Week 8 0 items
  4. Part III - The rise of the 'hybrids' 10 items
    1. Week 9 10 items
      Alongside the below reading to get you started, the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship also provides further, interesting, material. Access can be gained through the Library webpages.
      1. Social enterprise - Giulia Galera, Carlo Borzaga 2009


    2. Week 10 0 items
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