This list relates to the 2016-17 which ended on 31/07/2017
  1. Set texts 4 items
    Students should bring 'The Penguin Book of Scottish Verse' to all meetings of the class, and make sure to have read the appropriate chapter of 'Scotland’s Books' beforehand. For the classes on Buchanan and Johnston you should bring to the class 'Apollos of the North'; for the classes on Burns you should bring 'The Best Laid Schemes'. The set texts (which all students should possess) are:
    1. The Penguin Book of Scottish Verse - Robert Crawford, Mick Imlah 2001

      Book  Alternate title - The New Penguin Book of Scottish Verse.

  2. Electronic resources 5 items
    1. Red Notebook - Douglas Dunn 1949-2009


  3. General and Reference 10 items
    1. The Edinburgh history of Scottish literature - Brown, Ian 2007

      Book  3 volumes. A full multi-author survey. Volume 1 is also available as an e-book (see below).

    2. The History of Scottish literature - Craig, Cairns 1987

      Book  4 volumes. Older, but still useful.

    3. Devolving English literature - Robert Crawford 2000

      Book  An influential book presenting arguments about Scottish literature since the mid-eighteenth century. Read: chapter 5, 'Modernism as Provincialism' (digitised).

    4. A history of Scottish women's writing - Gifford, Douglas, McMillan, Dorothy 1997

      Book  Available in the Library and as an e-book. Interesting, e.g., on the ballads.

    5. The new Penguin history of Scotland: from the earliest times to the present day - Houston, R. A., Knox, William 2001

      Book  Useful illustrated general history.

    6. The Mainstream companion to Scottish literature - Trevor Royle 1993

      Book  Very useful A-Z directory.

    7. An introduction to Gaelic poetry - Derick Thomson 1974

      Book  The best general guide,

    8. The literature of Scotland - Watson, Roderick 2007

      Book  2 volumes. An updating of his 1984 book.

    9. Scotland: a history - Jenny Wormald 2005

      Book  A readable, relatively short, multi-authored general history. [Available in the library and as an e-book.]

  4. Specific authors 92 items
    Arranged in the order we study them and inlcuding further primary reading.
    1. Edwin Morgan 4 items
      1. About Edwin Morgan - Crawford, Robert, Whyte, Hamish 1990

        Book  A good introduction. Read: chapter 2, an overview of Morgan's work (digitised).

      2. Collected poems - Edwin Morgan 1990

        Book  Plenitudinous and entertaining.

      3. Crossing the Border: essays on Scottish literature - Morgan, Edwin 1990

        Book  Very shrewd; essays on Drummond, Fergusson, Stevenson and MacDiarmid especially pertinent to this module. Read: 'Dunbar and the Language of Poetry' (digitised).

      4. Edwin Morgan: inventions of modernity - C. E. Nicholson 2002

        Book  Good, e.g., on Morgan and Eastern Europe.

    2. The 'Altus Prosator' and Early Poetry 2 items
      1. Iona: the earliest poetry of a Celtic monastery - Clancy, Thomas Owen 1995

        Book  An anthology with much helpful comment.

      2. The Triumph tree: Scotland's earliest poetry, 550-1350 - Clancy, Thomas Owen 1998

        Book  A pioneering anthology with a useful introduction.

    3. Ian Crichton Smith 3 items
      1. Iain Crichton Smith: critical essays - Nicholson, C. E. 1992

        Book  A good introduction.

      2. Collected poems - Smith, Iain Crichton 1992


      3. Towards the human: selected essays - Smith, Iain Crichton, Thomson, Derick 1986

        Book  See not least the first essay on what it means to be a Hebridean writer.

    4. Norman MacCaig 4 items
      1. Norman MacCaig: Critical essays - Hendry, Joy, Ross, Raymond J. 1990

        Book  A good introduction.

      2. The poems of Norman MacCaig - Norman MacCaig, Ewen McCaig 2005

        Book  Reliably nimble and pinpoint in its word-craft. See also the accompanying CD-ROM of MacCaig reading.

      3. Norman MacCaig: a study of his life and work - Marjory McNeill 1996

        Book  Sometimes weak, but interesting introduction.

      4. Norman MacCaig - Alasdair D. F. Macrae 2010

        Book  A more assured study.

    5. William Dunbar 2 items
      There are also several different selections of Dunbar and Henryson selected by Priscilla Bawcutt and Felicity Riddy, by Douglas Gray, and by J A Tasioulas, among others.
      1. Flyting - Patricia Bawcutt

        Chapter  Outstandingly good. Available in the Library or as an e-book.

      2. The poems of William Dunbar - Bawcutt, Priscilla J. 1998

        Book  2 volumes. The best edition. Read: introduction (digitised).

    6. Robert Henryson 4 items
      1. Robert Henryson - Gray, Douglas 1979

        Book  Expert introduction.

      2. Selected poems of Robert Henryson and William Dunbar - Gray, Douglas 1998

        Book  A fine, glossed selection with a very informed introduction (digitised).

      3. The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables - Heaney, Seamus 2009

        Book  A modern English verse translation. Read: introduction (digitised).

    7. George Buchanan 3 items
      1. Buchanan - McFarlane, I. D. 1981

        Book  Heavy-going but full of information.

      2. George Buchanan: poet and dramatist - Ford, Philip, Green, Roger 2009

        Book  Useful modern essay collection; on Buchanan and Scottish literature, see especially my essay ‘George Buchanan’s Half Millennium’ (digitised).

      3. Poetic paraphrase of the psalms of David: Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica - Roger Green 2011

        Book  A modern edition with expert introduction and commentary.

    8. Arthur Johnston 1 item
      1. Musa latina aberdonensis - Geddes, William Duguid 1892-1910

        Book  Volumes 9 and 15. Contains many more poems, with prose summaries.

    9. William Drummond 2 items
      see also under Edwin Morgan
      1. William Drummond and the British Problem - John Kerrigan

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      2. Poems and prose of William Drummond - Robert Hugh MacDonald 1976

        Book  Good selection. Read: introduction (digitised).

    10. Ballads and Songs 3 items
      1. The ballad and the folk - Buchan, David 1972

        Book  Wise.

      2. Scottish ballads - Lyle, Emily B. 1994

        Book  Good anthology with introduction (digitised).

      3. Living with ballads - Muir, Willa 1965

        Book  Very sympathetic.

    11. Allan Ramsay 4 items
      1. Allan Ramsay, Robert Fergusson and Robert Burns - Rhona Brown

        Chapter  An essay linking these three connected poets.

      2. Poems by Allan Ramsay and Robert Fergusson - Fergusson, Robert, Kinghorn, Alexander Manson, Law, Alexander 1974

        Book  Good selection, with introduction (digitised).

      3. Allan Ramsay - MacLaine, Allan H. 1985

        Book  General account of life and work.

      4. Before Burns: eighteenth-century Scottish poetry - MacLachlan, C. J. M. 2002

        Book  Helpful selection, with good introduction (digitised).

    12. Robert Fergusson 5 items
      1. Robert Fergusson and the Scottish periodical press - Rhona Brown 2012

        Book  A thorough examination of Fergusson's work and its social context. Read: chapter 4, 'Auld Reikie' (digitised).

      2. 'Heaven-taught Fergusson': Robert Burns's favourite Scottish poet : poems and essays - Crawford, Robert 2003

        Book  Standard modern introduction. Read: Ian Duncan's essay on 'Fergusson's Edinburgh' (digitised).

      3. Poems by Allan Ramsay and Robert Fergusson - Kinghorn, Alexander Manson, Law, Alexander 1974

        Book  Good selection, with introduction.

      4. Scottish and Irish Romanticism - Murray Pittock 2008

        Book  A sophisticated modern study whose chapters 5 and 6 focus on Fergusson and Burns. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      5. Selected poems - Robertson, James 2000

        Book  Slightly modernized spelling edition with lively introduction.

    13. Robert Burns 15 items
      1. Robert Burns and transatlantic culture - Sharon Alker, Leith Davis, Holly Faith Nelson 2012

        Book  On Burn's transatlantic reception, particularly in the United States.

      2. Robert Burns - Bentman, Raymond 1987

        Book  Good account of life and work.

      3. Robert Burns - Gerard Carruthers 2006

        Book  Accomplished introduction to Burn's life and work.

      4. The Edinburgh companion to Robert Burns - Gerard Carruthers 2009

        Book  Intelligent modern collection of essays, and good on, e.g., Burns' publishing history, Burns and women, Burns and slavery. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      5. Robert Burns and cultural authority - Crawford, Robert 1997

        Book  Best book of essays on Burns, with contributions from Douglas Dunn, Seamus Heaney, A L Kennedy et al. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      6. The bard: Robert Burns, a biography - Crawford, Robert 2009

        Book  Modern biography of Burns. Read: chapter 7, 'Staunch Republicans' (digitised).

      7. Burns: a study of the poems and songs - Crawford, Thomas 1978

        Book  A very good overview with some close readings.

      8. Robert Burns - David Daiches 2009

        Book  Still arguably the best literary-critical book on Burns. Read: chapter 3, 'The Kilmarnock Volume' (digitised).

      9. The poems and songs of Robert Burns - Burns, Robert, Kinsley, James 1968

        Book  3 volumes. The standard edition, textually reliable - unlike, e.g., the Canongate edition of Burns.

      10. Robert Burns and pastoral: poetry and improvement in late eighteenth-century Scotland - Nigel Leask 2010

        Book  An expert account that relates Burns' work to his position as a farmer. Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      11. Selected poems - McGuirk, Carol 1993

        Book  A fine, well-introduced selection. Read: introduction (digitised).

      12. Dirt & deity: a life of Robert Burns - McIntyre, Ian 1995

        Book  Readable biography.

      13. Robert Burns and British Poetry - Murray G. H. Pittock

        Chapter  Very good account of Burns' fate in modern academia.

      14. Robert Burns in global culture - Murray Pittock 2011

        Book  Principally on aspects of Burns' European reception.

      15. To a Mouse - Freya Johnston

        Chapter  A good collection that includes, among others, essays on 'To a Mouse', on Burns, Ramsay, and Fergusson, and on Burns and MacDiarmid.

    14. James Thomson and John Davidson 6 items
      1. The city of dreadful night: and other poems - James Thomson, Ian Campbell 2008

        Book  Includes the whole of Thomson's most celebrated urban vision poem. Read: introduction (digitised).

      2. Places of the mind: the life and work of James Thomson ('B.V.') - Tom Leonard 1993

        Book  The fullest modern study, by a contemporary Scottish poet fascinated by urban life.

      3. The city of dreadful night - James Thomson, Edwin Morgan 1993

        Book  The greatest poet of modern Glasgow champions the Victorian urban poem. Read: introduction (digitised).

      4. John Davidson: selected poems and prose - John Sloan 1995

        Book  Astute modern selection.

      5. John Davidson, first of the moderns: a literary biography - John Sloan 1995

        Book  The standard account.

      6. The poems of John Davidson - John Davidson, Andrew Turnbull 1973

        Book  2 volumes. The standard complete poems. Read: introduction (digitised).

    15. Robert Louis Stevenson (optional) 7 items
      See also the entry for Edwin Morgan above for Morgan's essay, 'The Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson'.
      1. An Awkward Squad: Some Scots Poets from Stevenson to Spence - Kenneth Buthlay

        Chapter  Some thoughts on Stevenson's poetic legacy.

      2. Robert Louis Stevenson and the colonial imagination - Colley, Ann C. 2004

        Book  Shrewd modern study.

      3. Stevenson and Scotland - David Daiches

        Chapter  Examines Stevenson's complex relationship with his native country.

      4. The Edinburgh companion to Robert Louis Stevenson - Penny Fielding 2010

        Book  The best essay collection on Stevenson.

      5. Robert Louis Stevenson: a biography - Harman, Claire 2006

        Book  The best modern biography.

      6. The collected poems of Robert Louis Stevenson - Lewis, Roger C. 2003

        Book  Thorough modern edition.

    16. Hugh MacDiarmid 11 items
      1. MacDiarmid: Christopher Murray Grieve : a critical biography - Bold, Alan 1988

        Book  The standard biography.

      2. Bannockburns: Scottish independence and the literary imagination, 1314-2014 - Robert Crawford 2014

        Book  On the way the literary imagination has kept alive ideals of Scottish political independence. Read: chapter 4 'Difficult Modern Scots' (digitised).

      3. Hugh MacDiarmid, the man and his work - Gish, Nancy K. 1984

        Book  Good introductory overview, concentrating on earlier poems.

      4. To circumjack MacDiarmid: the poetry and prose of Hugh MacDiarmid - Herbert, W. N. 1992

        Book  The best critical book.

      5. Whaur extremes meet: the poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid 1920-1934 - Kerrigan, Catherine 1983

        Book  Good introductory overview, dealing only with earlier work.

      6. The Edinburgh companion to Hugh MacDiarmid - Scott Lyall, Margery Palmer McCulloch 2011

        Book  A fine modern collection of essays.

      7. Hugh MacDiarmid and Modernist Poetry in Scots - Margarery Palmer McCulloch

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book. The book is a good overview of the period.

      8. A drunk man looks at the thistle - Hugh MacDiarmid, Kenneth Buthlay (ed.) 2008

        Book  The standard scholarly edition. Read: introduction (digitised).

      9. Selected poems - MacDiarmid, Hugh, Riach, Alan (ed.), Grieve, Michael (ed.) 1994

        Book  A good selection.

      10. Selected prose - Hugh MacDiarmid, Alan Riach (ed.) 1992

        Book  Sparky to sample it at least, making sure to read the early essays. Read: chapter 4, 'A Theory of Scots Letters' (digitised).

      11. Hugh MacDiarmid's epic poetry - Alan Riach 1991

        Book  Makes the case for the later poetry.

    17. Somhairle MacGill-Eain/ Sorley MacLean 3 items
      1. Caoir Gheal Leumraich / White leaping flame: Collected poems - Somhairle MacGill-Eain, C. Whyte (ed.), Emma Dymock (ed.) 2011

        Book  Very impressive. See Emma Dymock's essay, 'The Poet's Landscape'.

      2. Sorley MacLean - Peter Mackay 2010

        Book  The sole and very helpful single-author study.

      3. Sorley MacLean: critical essays - Ross, Raymond J., Hendry, Joy 1986

        Book  Critical introduction. Read: Seamus Heaney's introductory essay (digitised).

    18. Douglas Dunn 4 items
      1. Reading Douglas Dunn - Robert Crawford, David P. Kinloch 1992

        Book  The standard critical introduction. Read: chapter 7, Paul Hamilton's essay on Dunn's 'Elegies' (digitised).

      2. Elegies - Douglas Dunn 1986

        Book  His finest book.

      3. New selected poems, 1964-2000 - Douglas Dunn 2003

        Book  Good selection.

      4. Douglas Dunn - David Kennedy 2008

        Book  The sole single-authored introduction.

    19. Kathleen Jamie and Other Contemporary Scottish Poets 9 items
      1. Mr. and Mrs. Scotland are dead: poems, 1980-1994 - Jamie, Kathleen 2002

        Book  Selection of her earlier poetry.

      2. Jizzen - Jamie, Kathleen 1999

        Book  Impressive.

      3. The tree house - Jamie, Kathleen 2004

        Book  Probably her best collection.

      4. The overhaul - Kathleen Jamie 2012

        Book  Her most recent collection.

      5. Modern Irish and Scottish Poetry - Peter Mackay, Edna Longley, Fran Brearton 2011 (electronic book)


      6. Kathleen Jamie - Matt McGuire

        Chapter  Available in the Library and as an e-book.

      7. Dream state: the new Scottish poets - O'Rourke, Donny 2002

        Book  Anthology with introduction and comment. Read: introduction (digitised).

      8. The Oxford handbook of contemporary British and Irish poetry - Peter Robinson 2013

        Book  Chapter 29, 'Scottish Poetry in the Wider World' by Iain Galbraith. The chapter also includes some comments on Kathleen Jamie's work. [Available in the Library and as an e-book]

      9. Modern Scottish poetry - Whyte, C. 2004

        Book  Often perceptive but also skewed. Read: introduction (digitised).

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